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Internal Medicine


University of Kentucky
Prevention Research Center


Selected Publications

Kluhsman BC, Lengerich EJ, Spleen AM, Bencivenga MM, Fleisher L, Miller-Halegoua SM, Balshem A, Paskett ED, Schreiber P, Dignan, MB.  A pilot study for using fecal immunochemical testing to increase colorectal cancer screening in Appalachia, 2008-2009.  Prev Chronic Dis.  2012; 9:E77. 

Schoenberg NE, Howell BM, Fields N.  Community strategies to address cancer disparities in Appalachian Kentucky.  Fam Community Health. 2012 Jan-Mar; 35(1): 31-43. 

Kruger TM, Swanson M, Davis RE, Wright S, Dollarhide K, Schoenberg NE.  Formative research conducted in rural Appalachia to inform a community physical activity intervention.  Am J Health Promot. 2012 January; 26(3): 143-151.  

Webber K, Quintiliani L.  Development of a weight loss program for Appalachian Kentucky adults: a formative research survey.  Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal.  2011 September; 40(1): 74-84. 

Paskett ED, Fisher JL, Lengerich EJ, Schoenberg NE, Kennedy SK, Conn, ME, Roberto KA, Dwyer SK, Fickle D, Dignan M.  Disparities in underserved white populations:  the case of cancer-related disparities in Appalachia.  Oncologist.  2011 August; 16(8): 1072-1081. 

Fallin A, Parker L, Lindgreen J, Riker C, Kercsmar S, Hahn EJ.  Secular trends and smoke-free policy development in rural Kentucky.  Health Educ Res.  2011 August; 26(4): 711-721. 

Hatcher J, Dignan MB, Schoenberg N.  How do rural health care providers and patients view barriers to colorectal cancer screening?  Insights from Appalachian Kentucky.  Nurs Clin North Am.  2011 June; 46(2): 181-192. 

Drew E, Schoenberg NE.  Deconstructing fatalism:  Ethnographic perspectives on women's decision making about cancer prevention and treatment.  Med Anthropol Q.  2011 June; 25(2): 164-182. 

Schoenberg NE, Bardach SH, Manchikanti KN, Goodenow AC.  Appalachian residents' experiences with and management of multiple morbidity.  Qual Health Res.  2011 May; 21(5): 601-611. 

Leach CR, Schoenberg NE, Hatcher J.  Factors associated with participation in cancer prevention and control studies among rural Appalachian women.  Fam Community Health.  2011 Apr-June; 34(2): 119-125.  

Tarasenko YN, Schoenberg NE, Bennett KL.  The emergency department as a potential intervention recruitment venue among vulnerable rural residents.  J Prim Care Community Health.  2011 April 1; 2(2):77-81.  

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Curry WJ, Lengerich EJ, Kluhsman BC, Graybill MA, Liao JZ, Schaefer EW, Spleen AM, Dignan MB.  Academic detailing to increase colorectal cancer screening by primary care practices in Appalachian Pennsylvania.  BMC Health Serv Res.  2011; 11:112. 

Hatcher J, Studts CR, Dignan M, Turner LM, Schoenberg NE.  Predictors of cervical cancer screening for rarely or never screened rural Appalachian women.  J Health Care Poor Underserved.  2011; 22(1): 176-193. 

Pyles MK, Hahn EJ.  Economic effects of Ohio's smoke-free law on Kentucky and Ohio border counties.  Tob Control. 2011 Jan; 20(1):73-6.