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01-01-17  2016/17  New Primary Care Access for UK-HMO Members who Currently Do Not Have a Primary Care Provider: 
UK-HMO is happy to announce that effective January 15, 2017, UK-HMO members who currently do not have a primary care provider may start utilizing one of the four Concentra Care Centers that will be available to provide Primary Care Services to our UK-HMO members.  These four Concentra Care Centers are:
*  1055 Dove Run, Lexington, KY  (859) 269-4668
*  2424 Sir Barton Way, SUite 175, Lex., KY  (859) 233-4882
*  1498 Boardwalk, Lexington, KY  (859) 254-5520
*  204 Bellaire Drive, Nicholasville, KY  (859) 887-4882

Members who qualify to choose a Concentra provider for primary care (UK-HMO members who currently do not have a UK primary care provider) must call Concentra to schedule appointments during weekday business hours, as is usually with primary care visits.  Concentra's regular primary care hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

*  UK-HMO members who are sick and qualify to be seen at a
    Concentra clinic (what we call a non-elective visit) could be
    seen by any provider within their group.
*  Concentra primary care patients do not need to schedule
    weekend visits - these will be walk-in visits.
*  When seeking care on weekends or evenings, established
    Concentra primary care patients will be treated as such;
    charged a $10 (primary care co-pay as opposed to $25
    (urgent care) co-pay.
*  Concentra will provide basic x-ray and lab services as part of
    their primary care service.  Any x-ray or lab services
     Concentra cannot provide must be obtained at a UK
     HealthCare radiology or lab facility.

UK-HMO Members who have a primary care provider will continue to see that UK Provider.  UK-HMO members who have a UK-primary care provider but require urgent care on evenings and weekends, will continue to have access to Concentra for urgent care as needed.  Your urgent care visits will require a $25 co-pay. 

For UK-HMO members who have a UK primary care provider, rest assured that UK HealthCare is working aggressively to recruit primary care providers, expand clinics space and hours, and improve the availability of primary care to UK-HMO members.