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Trauma Prevention Services

Trauma is the number one killer of people ages 1-44 in the United States. Trauma can be intentional or unintentional. Traumatic injuries can be caused by many things, such as motor vehicle crashes, violence, falls, and recreational activities. In Kentucky, motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of unintentional injuries and deaths.

The risk for trauma is the greatest for people ages 15-24. These individuals are at higher risk because they are more active, risk-takers, and are inexperienced in skills that predispose them to injuries, such as driving.

The good news is most injuries are preventable but it is all about choices; making the right choice to prevent a tragic situation from occurring.

As a level one adult and pediatric trauma center for central and eastern Kentucky, the UK Healthcare Trauma Prevention Program has a commitment to the community in which it serves. Our commitment is to provide injury prevention education for all stages of life.

Vision: Kentucky will be safer and the number of trauma related injuries/deaths will be significantly reduced.

Mission: To reduce the number of trauma related injuries and deaths of all ages through education, advocacy, data collection and evaluation.


  1. To generate community awareness of the burden of accidental injuries through media coverage and public activities.
  2. To collaborate with community partners to reduce and prevent injuries.
  3. Strengthen advocacy and public policy to reduce and prevent injuries.
  4. Increase use of evidenced-based injury prevention efforts to promote successful injury prevention strategies through research and "best practices".
  5. Increase knowledge and skills in the injury prevention workforce by providing training and education.
  6. To communicate injury prevention efforts.
  7. To evaluate the effectiveness of injury prevention programs offered.