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Trauma Education and Community Outreach Program

       As the primary referral center for the region, there's an inherent responsibility, and sincere commitment to serve as a proactive “Education and Training Resource” for healthcare providers across the state. With the creation of TECORP, The University of Kentucky Section of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery is taking a lead in these efforts. Our mission will be two fold:   

  1. Expand on the foundation established by the RTAC lecture series and offer broader, more frequent educational opportunities to healthcare providers involved in the Acute Care of Trauma and Surgical Patients. This includes Prehospital, ED, ICU and Ward care.


  1. Foster continued strong working relationships, and open communication with healthcare providers across the state.

           Starting January 18, 2012, A year long program will begin that includes the following:

  1. Monthly lectures (3rd Wed each month at 1130) on current topics in Trauma and Acute General Surgery. These can be attended at UK (The Learning Center), or via Telehealth from hospitals across the state (with prior notice).


  1. Case discussions submitted by anyone from the target audience will be incorporated into the monthly lectures. There will be three $500 awards given at the end of the year for the best cases. Forms are available at the link below and should be submitted two weeks in advance.  


  1. Quarterly “on site” training opportunities at selected regional hospitals and EMS stations.
  1. Skills labs twice yearly for EMS and Physicians.


  1. Annual Acute Care Surgery Conference.


More information and all forms available at

General Contacts:
Bari Lee Mattingly at   phone: (859) 323-1116
Brian Tucker at    phone: (859) 323-6346

For “On Site” training requests contact Michelle Bowe at

Trauma Lecture Series(PDF Document)

Case Presentation Form(PDF Document)

EMS Skills Lab Registration Form(PDF Document)

Physician's Skills Lab Registration Form(PDF Document)

Acute Care Surgery Conference(PDF Document)