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Substance Abuse

The Chemical Dependency Program at the University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center (UKCMC) in Emergency and Trauma Services is on the cutting edge of alcohol and substance abuse treatment in the trauma patient. Research has shown the hospitalized trauma patient is closer than ever to modifying risky behavior and thus, reducing recidivism. At the UKCMC, we are committed to not only mending broken bodies, but capitalizing on times when we must, in order to reduce the chances we'll have to do it again.

However, we are committed to not only assisting those who have been hospitalized at UKCMC, we are also committed to assisting Kentuckians out of the hospital because of alcohol- or drug-related traumatic events. We seek to serve their families, because research has shown when family is involved in recovery, the chances of the using-person getting well exceed 75 percent. We are committed to the high school and college student and communities, because severe problematic use begins during this timeframe of life and peer pressure can be so heavy. At the other end of the life spectrum are our grandparents. Many do not notice how their prescription medication has become a problem, therefore it's important for them, their families, and caregivers recognize this common problem.

The user of alcohol and/or drugs and his or her family are not the only ones involved. Oftentimes, counselors and physicians are at a loss as to how to effectively handle their patients. For the clinician, we offer support, because in supporting them, we support the patient and family.

Please feel free to browse our website for information related to addiction and its treatment. It is a disease that is preventable and treatable.