Clark County
Type of Law 100% Smoke-free Workplaces and Enclosed Public Places (Board of Health Clean Indoor Air Regulation). All enclosed public places and places of employment including but not limited to public transportation vehicles and facilities, and sports areas including within 20 feet of all bleachers, grandstands, or other seating areas.
Where smoking is not prohibited Private residences except when used as licensed childcare, adult day care or health care facility; hotel and motel rooms that are rented to guests and are designated smoking rooms; retail tobacco stores; private clubs that have no employees and only when members of the public are not present; outdoor areas of places of employment except service lines, sports areas, or areas within a reasonable distance of entrances, windows, or ventilation systems.
History 06/19/2014 Enforcement ended due to Kentucky Supreme Court ruling
  01/12/2009 Implementation Date
  11/06/2008 Regulation Adoption Date
  09/23/2008 First Reading
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