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Kentucky Center for Smoke-Free Policy

Voices of Smoke-free Communities

Click on the titles or images below to watch the videos. You will need to hit the "back" button on your browser to return to this page once you have finished viewing a video.

All videos are Copyright 2010 University of Kentucky. Reproduction of any kind is strictly prohibited.

Secondhand Smoke: A Serious Public Health Threat
The debate is over, the science is clear: secondhand smoke is a serious public health threat.

Smoke-free Laws: A Popular

Experience with smoke-free laws shows they are popular and effective.

Smoke-free Laws:
What Local Elected Officials Say

Local elected officials talk about doing the right thing to protect their constituents.

Smoke-free Laws: Protecting Workers
No one should have to risk their health to earn a paycheck.

Smoke-free Laws:
Good for Business

Smoke-free laws do not negatively affect business.

Smoke-free Laws:
It's Personal

Smoke-free improves lives.

Opposition to Smoke-free Laws:
It's Really About Health

Opposition to smoke-free laws downplays the health issue by reframing the debate around
personal or business rights.

Smoke-free: What Does It Mean to You
Smoke-free protects health and improves the quality of life.



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