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Services Presently Available

  • Gel spot cutting

  • Digestion of proteins in gel or solution

  • Analysis of proteins by MS, and peptides by MS and MS/MS 

  • de novo sequence analysis of peptides using MALDI TOF/TOF and peptide labeling techniques  

  • Database searching for protein identification

  • 2D gel electrophoresis and staining  (available through Kendrick labs)

  • Gel imaging

  • Biomarker discovery using Ciphergen SELDI system

  • Phosphopeptide enrichment and identification

  • 2D DIGE (available through Applied Biomics)

2-D DIGE (2-D Fluorescent Difference Gel Electrophoresis) is a method of differential protein expression detection and quantitation at the protein level.  Up to three samples are labeled with one of three different fluorescent dyes, combined and separated on the same 2-D gel.  Like proteins migrate together, and the amount of a particular protein originating from each original sample is determined by scanning the gel at different wavelengths for fluorescent dye quantitation.  For additional information on 2-D DIGE go to:

Please contact Carol Beach for charges for proteomics services.

Services Available in the Near Future

  • Quantitative proteomics using iTRAQ labeling system and/or other methods;

  • Biomarker discovery using differential expression analysis;