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CSB Facilities for producing protein from bacteria, yeast, or insect cultures
High volumes for maximum production and purification of protein

Several incubators are maintained at temperatures optimized for yeast or insect cultures, as well as bacteria. A sterile culture hood is available for mammalian / insect culture.

A 10-L fermenter (New Brunswick BioFlow3000) allows growth at 37 C and subsequent protein production upon induction of the incorporated plasmid at a chosen (lower) temperature.  This may permit protein to be produced without degradation. Protein may be produced over an extended time (overnight) with very high density of bacteria (or yeast) due to very vigorous aeration (not attainable in shaker flasks). 

Cell lysis is typically carried out with a standard French press. For high-volume lysis of paste from bacteria or yeast, a microfluidics cell-cracking device is available.  Cells are lysed by collision at high pressure. 

Protein final purification by FPLC (Akta Explorer of GE Health Care) is also available, with programmable gradients, multiple wavelength detection and data storage, and fraction collectors..


A microfluidics "collider" is used to break cells, releasing protein.

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