Sara Shahid Salles, D.O.

Assistant Professor
Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Research Interests

Kinematic Biofeedback for Independent Motor Retraining
We continue to provide rehabilitation services to stroke survivors. As technology improves, we need to remain current and determine if there are other therapies, modalities or equipment that may enhance neurological and functional recovery. This study, to be conducted at Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital, examines the effects of the SymSlide, a closed chain, lower extremity exercise device that may allow patients in the earliest stages of rehabilitation post stroke to practice functional sit to stand and side to side posture shift movements before participation in ambulatory therapies. The hypotheses are that it may expedite progress through the earliest phases of therapy so that more time can be allotted to functional tasks. Additionally, it may also translate to improvements in participation in activities of daily living, improve awareness of the affected limb and increase strength and endurance.

Sara Salles

Contact Information

Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
University of Kentucky
Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital
2050 Versailles Road
Lexington, KY 40504