Timothy S. McClintock, Ph.D.

Boyarsky Professor,
Department of Physiology

Ph.D. Department of Zoology, University of Florida, 1989.

Research Interests

Summary of Relevant Projects
Regenerating tissues experience profound and widespread changes in gene expression. My laboratory investigates the functional genomics of neural regeneration. While much of this work is in the olfactory system, it has profound implications for improving regeneration in other neural tissues that do not so easily replace dying neurons. We use both microarrays and PCR-based differential amplification methods. One consequence of these studies is work that has a direct impact on research in neurotrauma. Handling the large numbers of affected transcripts that are identified in our expression profiling studies has impressed upon us the need for better bioinformatics. We therefore created SCIgenes, the database of genes and proteins whose expression is affected by spinal cord injury, nerve injury, or other related processes. This database provides a unique repository about genes affected by injury to nerves and spinal cord. It also includes a suite of data mining tools that allow the extraction of sets of gene products affected under numerous conditions.

Select publications

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Timothy McClintock

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