Terry Malone

Physical Therapy

Terry Malone received his EdD and MSPT from Duke University in North Carolina and his BA from Bluffton College in Ohio. Dr. Malone served as the initial Sports PT and was the Coordinator of the Sports Medicine Clinic at Duke. He served as the initial Chairman of the Sports Specialization Council of the APTA and has been liaison to the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine and is a member of that organization.

Research Interests

Dr. Malone was the initial chair and dean of the Krannert School of PT at the University of Indianapolis. He is director and a professor at the University of Kentucky's Physical Therapy program. Dr. Malone's interest in the field of PT extends to sports medicine and orthopedic injuries. He has been actively involved with orthopaedic outcomes assessment related to shoulder and knee conditions. He has published extensively on soft tissue injuries and rehabilitation. Isokinetic exercise/assessment, ligamentous injury and rehabilitation, and muscle-tendon deformation and repair our among his research interests. He instructs classes in research, administration and orthopedics of the shoulder and knee.

Terry Malone

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