Jimmi Hatton, Pharm.D., FCCM, FCCP

Professor of Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science

Professor of Neurosurgery
Chair, Pharmacy Practice and Science Department, College of Pharmacy

Research Interests

Dr. Hatton's research interests are clinical and translational projects targeting therapeutic and/or nutritional interventions affecting outcomes in the neurosurgery intensive care population. She is developing protocols in collaboration with Dr. Ed Hall and Dr. Byron Young to explore biomarkers as surrogate endpoints defining patient responses to specific investigational therapies. Utilizing pharmacokinetic and pharmacogenomic tools, dosing strategies for new treatments are designed and tested. Dr. Hatton has extensive experience in the conduct of clinical research in critically ill patients, specifically, the acute traumatic brain injury population. Doctor of Pharmacy residents, graduate students, fellows and professional students participate in teaching programs under her leadership.

Representative Publications

Empey, P., McNamara P, Young, B, Rosbolt B, Hatton J. Cyclosporin Pharmacokinetics following Acute TBI. Accepted JNT 2005.

Hatton J., Kryscio R., Ryan M, Ott L, Young BY. Systemic Metabolic Effects of Insulin-like growth factor-I and Growth Hormone Therapy in Patients with Acute Traumatic Brain Injury. Submitted JNS 2005.

Hatton J, Rosbolt B, Young B. The Effect of Cyclosporin on Acute TBI. Submitted JNS 2005.

Hatton J, Werner H, Warf B, Young B. Metabolic Changes Following TBI in Pediatric Patients. Submitted Crit Care Med 2005.

Green A, Banks S, Jay M, Hatton J. Stability of Nimodipine Stored in Oral Dosing Syringes. American Journal of Health Systems Pharmacists, 2004; 61 :493-6.

Varney KL, Young B, Hatton J,. Albumin Use in Neurosurgical Critical Care. Pharmacotherapy, 2003; 23(1) 88-92.

Hatton J. Pharmacological Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury: A Review of Agents in Development. CNS Drugs, 2001;15(7):553-581.

Rockich K, Hatton J, Kryscio D, Young B, Blouin R. The Effect of Continuous Intravenous Infusion of rhIGF-1 and Daily Subcutaneous Administration of rhGH on IGF-1 and IGFBP-3 Plasma Concentrations in Traumatic Brain Injured Patients. Pharmacotherapy 1999;19(12):1432-1436.

Woodward DK, Hatton J, Ensom MHH, Dempsey RJ, Young B, Clifton GD. Alpha-1 Acid Glycoprotein Concentrations and CSF drug distribution after subarachnoid hemorrhage. Pharmacotherapy, 1998; 18(5):1062-1068.

Hatton J, Rapp R, Kudsk K, Brown R, Luer M, Bukar J. Geseundheit N, McClain CJ, Dempsey RJ, Young B. Intravenous rhIGF-1 in Moderate to Severe Head Injury: A Phase II Safety and Efficacy Trial. J Neurosurg, 1997;(5)86:779-786.

Jimmi Hatton

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