Richard D. Andreatta, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Dept. of Rehabilitation Sciences &
Division of Communication Sciences & Disorders

Ph.D. in Speech Physiology and Neuroscience, Indiana University, Bloomington (1999).
Post-doctoral training at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, The National Institutes of Health, Bethesda.

Research Interests

Dr. Andreatta is director of the Laryngeal & Speech Dynamics Laboratory in the UK College of Health Sciences. His principal area of research focuses on neural mechanisms of sensorimotor integration during vocal tract behavior in both normal and disordered speakers. Specific study areas currently include movement-related sensory gating in orofacial systems, trigemino-facial reflex modulation studies in humans during skilled force production tasks, and functional magnetic resonance imaging work in participants with neurologically-based and functional voice disorders. Other research interests include orofacial force dynamics, animal models of laryngeal neurophysiology, and the application of neuroplasticity principles in the rehabilitation of speakers who have incurred a stroke or traumatic brain injury.

Select Publications

McMullen C., Butterfield T., Dietrich M., Andreatta R., Andrade P., Fry L., & Stemple J. (in press). Chronic Stimulation-Induced Changes in the Laryngeal Rodent Muscle. Journal of Speech-Language-Hearing Research.

Andreatta R.D., Stemple J., Joshi A., & Jiang Y. (in press). Task-related Differences in Temporo-Parietal Cortical Activation During Human Phonatory Behaviors. Neuroscience Letters.

Joshi A., Jiang Y., Stemple J., Archer S. & Andreatta R. (in press). Induced Unilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis and Recovery Rapidly Modulates Brain Areas Related to Phonatory Behavior: A Case Study. Journal of Voice.

Davidow, J.H., Bothe, A.K., Richardson, J., & Andreatta, R.D. (2010). Systematic Studies of Modified Vocalization: Effects of Speech Rate and Instatement Style during MetronomeStimulation. Journal of Speech-Language-Hearing Research, 53(6), 1579-1594.

Fry L.T., Stemple J., Andreatta R.D., Harrison A., & Andrade F. (2010). Effect of Dystrophin Deficiency on Selected Intrinsic Laryngeal Muscles of the mdx Mouse, Journal of Speech-Language-Hearing Research, 53, 633-647

Andreatta, R.D., & Barlow, S.M. (2009). Somatosensory Gating is Dependent on the Rate of Force Recruitment in the Human Perioral System. Journal of Speech-Language-Hearing Research, 52(6), 1566-1578.

Thomas, LB, Stemple, JC, Andreatta, RD, & Andrade, FH (2009). Establishing a New Animal Model for the Study of Laryngeal Function and Disease: An Anatomic Study of the Mouse Larynx. Journal of Speech-Language-Hearing Research, 52(3), 802-811.

Davidow, J.H., Bothe, A.K., Andreatta, R.D., & Ye, J. (2009). Measurement of Phonated Intervals during Four Fluency-Inducing Conditions. Journal of Speech-Language-Hearing Research. 52(1):188-205.

Andreatta, R.D. (2008). Sensorimotor Elements of the Orofacial System: Reviewing the Basics. Perspectives on Speech Science and Orofacial Disorders, 18 (2).


Richard D. Andreatta

Contact Information

University of Kentucky
Charles T. Wethington Bldg - Rm. 120-F (office) and
106 (lab)
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Lexington, KY 40536-0200

Tel: (859) 323-1100 ext. 80523