Instructional Materials

Instructional Materials developed as part of the EOP project are in use in high schools and university classrooms in Kentucky, Florida, Mississippi, Arkansas, North Carolina and Georgia. EOP project has many instructional materials available that emphasize:

Simulations that actively engage youth in rural communities with many personal experiences or family members familiar with farm work and life in making safety decisions when using farm equipment, driving on rural roads, using ATVs or riding horses.

Interactive Excel Cost Tools that graphically depict the individual and social costs of ANY injury not only to those directly involved, but to those who bear the indirect costs of injury such as lost work time, lifetime productivity in society and long term medical costs that can extend over a lifetime.

Strategies and lesson plans for use in both agricultural education AND general education subjects such as social studies, physics, math and English. All instructional materials are linked to required state core content standards.

Next Generation Learning and Technology use are supported through the inclusion of digital documentaries, podcasting and use of Web 2.0 databases

All EOP instructional materials are available for downloads as hard copy or desktop applications (in Excel e.g.), on the web or via links to social media sites such as Vimeo (for digital documentaries). Click here to access instructional materials