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Lawn Mower Fatality – Economic and Social Costs 7:43

This video ‘short’ documents the true story of a life-long farmer and university professor who is killed when his new Dixie Chopper zero-radius mower goes into a sink hole on his property. His son, a social studies teacher and farm safety advocate, created and narrates the video.  He delivers the strong message that this fatality was no accident but rather a preventable death that could have been avoided.  The tragic personal and social expense of this incident is explored. The story ends, as so many farm fatality stories do, with the family moving off the farm that has been their home for generations.

Agrability - Enabling a Disabled Farmer to Continue Farming 4:40

This video ‘short’ documents the true story of a life-long farmer who loses his legs when entangled with a PTO on his tractor. A social studies teacher and farm safety advocate who grew up working on farms and living in the community where the injury occurred created and narrates the video. The digital documentary details the costs of the injury and highlights the AgrAbility Program and assistive technologies that made possible this farmer’s return to his land and crops. The close knit community support and commitment to farming so prevalent in rural communities is also a theme in this digital documentary.

Risky Ride: Some People NEVER Learn 3:30

This video ‘short’ documents the true story of one teen aged rider who lives on a small family farm. Despite an injury from a fall, with high direct medical costs (treatment and rehabilitation) and substantial indirect costs to his family (lost work time, e.g.), he stubbornly refuses to wear a helmet when riding, except when required to do so at 4-H.  The ‘message’ of this documentary short is “Some People Never Learn – Don’t Be One of Them!”

Cornpicker - Agricultural Injury - Economic and Social Costs 3:30

Discusses how a farmer's hand was caught in a cornpicker, including the lack of an emergency shutoff, along with social and economic costs.

ATV Awareness - Injuries, Economic and Social Costs 4:50

Explores the ATV-related injury of one person and exmines the social and economic costs.