Partnering with Stakeholders for Prevention

The Stakeholders Project aimed to increase dialogue among individuals and groups involved in agricultural production, labor, business, health and human services, policy, and research. The focus was on maintaining and improving the health and safety status of persons most at risk for agriculture-related illness and injury. Special populations of interest include farm children, women, older farmers, and full-time and part-time migrant and seasonal farm workers and their family members. The project involved initiating and maintaining contact with members of these groups. The ensuing partnerships increased awareness of the needs of target populations and resources available to address those needs. A key aim of the project was to combine the experiential knowledge and values of farm populations with the technical and scientific knowledge and skills of health care providers, engineers, academic researchers and other professionals. These aims emerged from previously well-established community-based prevention theory and research. From 2001-2006, Stakeholder project activities were supported by funding from CDC/NIOSH, the Kentucky Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, and USDA. Accomplishments include but are not limited to the following:

For more information contact: Henry P. Cole, EdD, Professor of Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health, Emeritus Professor of Educational Psychology, University of Kentucky Southeast Center for Agricultural Health and Injury Prevention, Suite 102, 1141 Red Mile Road Lexington, Kentucky 40504-9842 Phone: (859) 323-6836