Nurse Agricultural Education Project

Funded by NIOSH for two 5 year cycles (2011-2001) and led by Dr. Deborah Reed of the UK College of Nursing, the Nurse Agricultural Education Project (NAEP) developed an evidence-based approach to the education and training of entry level, graduate level, and experienced nurses in agricultural occupational health. NAEP focused on a part of the United States that is marked by significant needs: The South leads the nation in the number and percentage of total and rural populations in poverty (U.S. Census, 2006). Much of this region is medically underserved (Safran et al, 2005). Nurses and nurse practitioners are increasingly filling the gap in health services, helping to address the needs of more than one half million farm families and farm workers. Nevertheless, few nursing curricula explore the safety and health hazards associated with agriculture. Accordingly, NAEP aimed to increase the agricultural health and safety knowledge of nurse educators, researchers, and nurse students; provide formats for the education of nurse educators and nurse researchers about agricultural illness/injury prevention; provide opportunities for students to participate in agricultural health research based on nursing principles; develop a networked cadre of agricultural health nurses; and determine how nurse educators use agricultural health within the context of their undergraduate and graduate curricula in nursing (i.e., continued tracking in the South).

The continual interface between research and clinical practice found in the NAEP project embodied the knowledge transfer and educational ideals of R2P2R – research to practice, and practice to research.  It also served as the foundation for the next 5-year phase of this major translational project: Nurses Utilizing Research, Service and Education in Practice.

NAEP was supported by CDC/NIOSH Cooperative Agreement U50 OH007547 through the Southeast Center for Agricultural Health and Injury Prevention and the University of Kentucky College of Nursing.  For more information contact - Deborah Reed, PhD, RN, MSPH, FAAOHN; Distinguished Service Professor and Good Samaritan Endowed Chair, University of Kentucky College of Nursing, Room 553, CON Building, Lexington, KY 40536-0232, Phone 859-257-9636.