Phote of Henry ColeHenry P. Cole, Ed.D.

Henry P. Cole, EdD, is Professor of Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health in the University of Kentucky College of Public Health and Emeritus Professor of Educational Psychology in the UK College of Education, where he taught educational psychology, applied learning theory and cognitive psychology, program evaluation, and instructional design for 33 years. He has an Ed.D in educational psychology and science education from the State University of New York at Buffalo and is an internationally recognized authority on teaching critical thinking skills through case materials and principles of narrative psychology. A lifelong, part-time farmer, Dr. Cole is a member of the National Institute for Farm Safety and the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Systems Engineers, as well as the American Psychological Association and the American Public Health Association. He has served as a peer reviewer for the Journal of Agromedicine and the American Journal of Public Health and has been recognized as an Outstanding Reviewer for the Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health.

For the past 25 years Dr. Cole's research has focused on prevention of occupational injuries to workers in mining, construction, hazardous waste, agriculture and health care. His research begins with injury epidemiology to establish the prevalence and distribution of injuries across populations of workers and the identification of risk factors for these injury events. Based on this information community-based interventions are designed that combine environmental and engineering controls with behavioral and educational interventions to reduce exposure to specific occupational hazards. See, e.g., Cole HP. Stories to live by: a narrative approach to health-behavior research and injury prevention. In Gochman DS (Editor), Handbook of Health Behavior Research Methods, vol 4. New York: Plenum, 1997.