Triazine Herbicides and Birth Defects in Kentucky (pilot)

Principal Investigator: Steve Browning, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology UK College of Public Health. Co-investigator: David R. Bardach, PhD student; Departments of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of Kentucky.

This project aims to (1) develop, in collaboration with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture and the Kentucky Geologic Survey, a database of triazine herbicide usage and concentrations of triazine herbicides in Kentucky water systems by county and region, 1998-2007; (2) evaluate the correlations between agricultural activities (such as acres and bushels of crops produced), herbicide use, and concentrations of triazine herbicides in water systems using county and region as analytical units; (3) conduct an ecologic study of the association between the incident rate of various birth defects by county and region with triazine herbicide usage metrics and concentrations in water systems (in collaboration with the Division of Maternal and Child Health, Kentucky Department of Public Health). This study is designed to obtain new knowledge in environmental health that is expected to enhance the safety of vulnerable populations, in particular women and children in utero. Project start/end dates: 09/30/2012–09/29/2013.