Emergency Tractor Shut-Off using a Voice Command System (pilot)

Principal Investigator: Glen Rains, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, University of Georgia.

The primary aim of this prevention through design (PtD) project is to test the feasibility of a voice-command emergency stop system on a tractor. One challenge is to make voice commands recognizable from a distance while tractor background noise is present. Specifically, Dr. Rains et al. will develop a speech recognition system using CMU-Sphinx to enable a tractor to be shut-off using a linear actuator connected to the fuel shut-off system. The results of this research will inform future studies to increase the complexity of the interface to accomplish tasks such as automatically sending a help signal when the tractor operator is not responding or when the operator has not returned to his or her seat within a specific period of time. Project start/end dates: 09/30/2012–09/29/2013.