Center for the Advancement of Women’s Health

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The Center for the Advancement of Women’s Health serves three primary purposes: to provide high-quality comprehensive medical services for women in the Women’s Health & Rheumatology Clinic located on the second floor of the Kentucky Clinic; to educate patients and the community overall about women’s health through educational and community outreach programs; and to expand medical research opportunities for women that encourage advancements in the field of women’s health through our Kentucky Women’s Health Research Registry and clinical trials.

The Center for the Advancement of Women’s Health seeks to improve women’s health in Kentucky through our mission:

  • Coordinating clinical services and educational resources;

  • Promoting a multidisciplinary approach to medical care and research efforts;

  • Developing programs and projects aimed at improving the health of Kentucky women;

  • Expanding curricular opportunities and continuing education programs for healthcare students and professionals;

  • Creating culturally appropriate and effective educational resources;

  • Collaborating with other health systems, researchers, and community organizations to promote the Center’s mission and goals.

Women are actively involved in the design of our services and the evaluation of our success in accomplishing our goals and meeting the needs of Kentucky’s women. Evaluation is an ongoing process that provides the Center with valuable feedback about the medical services, educational resources, and research efforts of the Center.

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