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Radiation Medicine




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Photo of William St. Clair William St. Clair MD, PhD
Professor, Co-director of Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Program
Department of Radiation Medicine
Chandler Medical Center, Pavilion H
800 Rose Street C-114B
Lexington, KY 40536-0293
Phone: (859) 323-6486
Fax: (859) 257-7483





  • Genitourinary Cancer
  • Central Nervous System Tumors
  • Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)
  • Gamma Knife Radiosurgery


  • B.S. St. Ambrose College, 1978
  • M.S. University of Iowa, 1982
  • Ph.D. University of Iowa, 1985
  • M.D., University of Kentucky, 1995


American Board of Radiology, Radiation Oncology, 2000


Zhao Y, Chaiswing L, Oberley TD, Batinic-Haberle I, St. Clair WH, Epstein CJ, and St. Clair DK.  A mechanism-based antioxidant approach for the reduction of skin carcinogenesis.  Cancer Res. 65: 1401-1405, 2005.

Jahraus CD, Glisson SD, and St. Clair WH. Treatment of desmoplastic small round cell tumor with image-guided intensity modulated radiation therapy as a component of multi-modality treatment.  Tumori  91: 253-255, 2005.

Jahraus CD, Bettenhausen D, Malik U, Sellitti M, and St. Clair WH.  Prevention of acute radiation-induced proctosigmoiditis by balsalazide: a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled trial in prostate cancer patients.  Int J Radiation Oncology Biol Phys. 63: 1483-1487, 2005.

Payne JT, St. Clair WH, Given CA, Young B, and Meigooni A. Double balloon GliaSite in the management of recurrent glioblastoma multiforme in a 33 year-old women: a case report. Southern Medical J.  98: 957-958, 2005.

Grimes K, Daosukho C, Zhao Y, Meigooni A. and St. Clair WH.  Proteasome inhibition improves fractionated radiation treatment against non-small cell lung cancer: An antioxidant connection.  Int J Oncology 27: 1047-1052, 2005.

Josson S, Xu Y, Fang F, Dhar SK, St. Clair DK, and St. Clair WH. Selective inhibition of RelB suppresses intrinsic radiation resistance in prostate cancer cells.  Oncogene 25: 1554-1559, 2006

Pilepich MV, Paulus R, St. Clair W, Brasacchio RA, Rostock R, and Miller RC.  Phase III study of pentosanpolysulfate (PPS) in treatment of GI tract sequelae of radiotherapy.  American J Clin Oncol 29: 132-137, 2006.

Tangpong J, Cole MP, Sultana R, Joshi G, Estus S, Vore M, St. Clair W, Ratanachaiyavong S, St. Clair DK, and Butterfield DA. Adriamycin-induced, TNF-a-mediated central nervous system toxicity. Neurobiol Dis 23: 127-39, 2006.

Warren G, Grimes K, Xu Y, Kudrimoti M, St. Clair W.  Selective enhanced radiation sensitivity in prostate cancer cells associated with proteosome inhibition.  Oncology Reports 15: 1287-1291, 2006.

Grimes KR, Warren GW, Fang F, Xu Y, and St. Clair WH.  Cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor, nimesulide, improves radiation treatment against non-small cell lung cancer both in vitro and in vivo.  Oncology Reports 16: 771-116, 2006.

Tangpong J, Cole MP, Sultana R, Estus S, Vore M, St. Clair W, Ratanachaiyavong S, St. Clair DK, and Butterfield DA.  Adriamycin-mediated nitration of manganese superoxide dismutase in the central nervous system: insight into the mechanism of chemobrain.  J Neurochemistry 100: 191-201, 2007.

Xu Y, Fang F, St. Clair DK, Josson S, Sompol P, Spasojevic I, and St. Clair WH. Suppression of RelB-mediated MnSOD expression reveals a primary mechanism for radiosensitization effect of 1 alpha, 25-dihydroxyvitamin D (3) in prostate cancer cells.  Mol Cancer Therapeutics 6: 2048-2056, 2007.

 Xu Y, Fang F, Dhar SK, St. Clair WH, Kasarskis EJ, St. Clair DK.  The role of a single-stranded nucleotide loop in transcriptional regulation of the human sod2 gene. J Biol Chem 282: 15981-15994, 2007.

Sun Y, St. Clair DK, Fang F, Warren GW, Rangenkar VM, Crooks PA, and St. Clair WH.  The radiosensitization effect of parthenolide in prostate cancer cells is mediated by nuclear factor-kappaB inhibition and enhanced by the presence of PTEN.  Mol Cancer Therapeutics 6: 2477-2486, 2007.

Huhn JL, Johnson EL, and St. Clair WH.  Adjuvant radiation of bilateral postauricular keloids: and illustration of technique.  Med Dosim winter 32: 278-280, 2007.

Tangpong J, Sompol P, Vore M, St. Clair W, Butterfield DA, and St. Clair DK.  Tumor necrosis factor alpha-mediated nitric oxide production enhances manganese superoxide dismutase nitration and mitochondrial dysfunction in primary neurons: an insight into the role of glial cells.  Neuroscience 151: 622-629, 2008.

Xu Y, Fang F, St. Clair DK, Sompol P, Josson S, and St. Clair WH.  SN52, a novel NF-kB inhibitor, sensitizes prostate cancer cells to ionizing radiation by specifically blocking nuclear translocation of RelB:p52 dimer.  Mol Cancer Therapeutics. 7: 2367-2376, 2008.

Xu Y, Fang F, Dhar SK, Bosch A, St. Clair WH, Kasarskis EJ, and St. Clair DK. Mutations In the SOD2 promoter reveals a molecular basis for an activating protein 2-dependent dysregulation of manganese superoxide dismutase expression in cancer cells.  Mol Cancer Res 6: 18881-1893, 2008.

Xu Y, Josson S, Fang F, Oberley TD, St. Clair DK, Wan XS, Sun Y, Bakthavatchalu V, Muthuawamy A, and St. Clair WH.  RelB enhances prostate cancer growth: implications for the role of the nuclear factor-kappaB alternative pathway in tumorgenicity. Cancer Res. 69(8): 3267-3271, 2009.

Tuanquin LC, St. Clair WH, Dupple WA, Rowland R, LaGrange CA, Meigooni A. Radioactive Seed Strand Migration After Prostate Brachytherapy: A Case Series and Discussion. Submitted Medical Physics 2009.

Sinthupibulyakit C, Grimes KR, Domann FE, Xu Y, Fang F, Ittarat W, St. Clair DK, St. Clair W.  p53 is an Important Factor for the Radiosensitization Effect of 2-deoxy-D-glucose.  Int J Oncol 35(3):605-15, 2009.

Brelsfoard CL, St. Clair W, Dobson SL.  Integration of Irradiation with Cytoplasmic Incompatibility to Facilitate a Lymphatic Filariasis Vector Elimination Approach.  Parasit Vectors 2(1):38, 2009.

Holley AK, Xu Y, St. Clair DK, St. Clair WH.  RelB regulates manganese superoxide dismutase gene and resistance ionizing radiation of prostate cancer cells. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1201(1):129-136, 2010.

Xu Y, Fang F, Sun Y, St. Clair DK, St. Clair WH. RelB-Dependent Differential Radiosensitizaton Effect of ST1571 on Prostate Cancer Cells. Mol Cancer Ther; 9(4):803-12, 2010.

Sun Y, St. Clair DK, Xu Y, Crooks PA, St. Clair WH.  A NADPH Oxidase-Dependent Redox Signaling Pathway Mediates the Selective Radiosensitization Effect of Parthenolide in Prostate Cancer Cells. Cancer Res 70(7):2880-90, 2010.

Xu Y, Fang F, Zhang J, Josson S, St. Clair WH, St. Clair DK. miR-17* Suppresses Tumorigenicity of Prostate Cancer by Inhibiting Mitochondrial Antioxidant Enzymes. PLos ONE, 5(12), 2010.

Kasarskis EJ, Hodskins J, St. Clair WH.  Unilateral parotid electron beam radiotherapy as palliative treatment for sialorrhea in amyotophic lateral sclerosis.  J of the Neurological Sciences, in press.

Xu Y, Fang F, Zhang J, Josson S, St. Clair WH, St. Clair DK.  miR-17* suppresses tumorigenicity of prostate cancer by inhibiting mitochondrial antioxidant enzymes.  PLoS One 22:5(12):e14356, 2010.

Sinthupibulyakit C, Ittarat W, St. Clair WH, St. Clair DK. p53 Protects lung cancer cells against metabolic stress. Int J Oncol 37(6):1575-81, 2010.

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