Areas of Research - David Mannino, M.D.

My research focuses on the epidemiology of lung diseases, predominantly asthma and COPD. I’m interested in risk factors for the development and progression of disease, with a special interest among people who have never smoked, as this comprises an ignored population in most clinical research.

A recent area of interest involves comorbid disease in COPD along with biomarkers of disease, in particular, fibrinogen (a marker of systemic inflammation).

I’m also interested in the overlap between asthma and COPD, as these patients have been, typically, ignored by both the asthma and COPD clinical researchers, yet they have more symptoms and worse outcomes than patients who simply report one or the other of these diseases.

As a professor in the College of Public Health, I also assist students in their research, which covers a large array of different topics. Some recent work has involved looking at data from the Women’s Health Registry. This has resulted in several publications, such as one looking at the relation between smoking and chronic pain and another looking at the relation between adverse pregnancy events and cardiovascular disease.

Ongoing Research Projects

Project Title: Fibrinogen and Lung Disease
Principal Investigator:  Mannino
Sponsor: Glaxo-Smith Kline
Period:  10/2010-12/2012
Funding: 26 months of funding $135,000 direct costs, $135,000 available to PI
This study examines the effect of fibrinogen on the developments of COPD exacerbations and COPD-related mortality.

Project Title: Reversibility of Airflow obstruction and outcomes
Principal Investigator:  Mannino
Sponsor: Astra-Zeneca
Period:  5/2011-11/2012
Funding: 18 months of funding $65,000 direct costs, $65,000 available to PI
This study examines the effect of pre- and post-bronchodilator lung function on long-term COPD-related mortality.

Project Title: SEARCH I (Screening, Evaluating and Assessing rate of Changes of diagnosing respiratory conditions in primary care): A prospective cluster randomized study.
Principal Investigator:  Mannino
Sponsor: Boerhringer-Ingelheim
Period:  8/1/10- 6/30/12
Funding: $300,000 ( $250,000 direct)
This study will look at the diagnosis of COPD in primary care. Dr Mannino will coordinate 14 of approximately 180 nationwide sites.