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RCPC logoRural health disparities are common in the US. Rural Appalachia is widely recognized as a geographic region that is vastly overburdened by chronic disease, including cancers. This health disparity is concentrated in Southeastern, KY. The mission of the UK RCPC is to reduce cancer incidence and mortality rates among under served rural residents of an eight-county health district located in the heart of SE, KY. The strength and commitment of our existing community advisory board coupled with an enduring investment in the PRC by the University of Kentucky provides an important opportunity to achieve this mission using community-based participatory research. Previous accomplishments by the RCPC have laid a solid foundation for the proposed activities that occur in the next funding cycle. The PRC will be strategically located in the center of the Kentucky River Area Development District (KR-ADD). Guided by the distinct advisory boards, the director (Dr. Crosby) and deputy director (Dr. Casey) will oversee plans designed to enhance community engagement in cancer prevention activities and research throughout the KR-ADD. Augmented by the state and local health departments, planned engagements will provide a model for rural Appalachian communities to use in their efforts to prevent invasive cancers. The UK RCPC will continue to expand its sponsorship of cancer prevention research. Drs. Crosby and Casey will direct local, state, and national dissemination efforts relative to the community-based activities and research of the RCPC. Local dissemination will promote cancer-protective behaviors of KR-ADD residents. Drs. Crosby and Casey will also direct ongoing training efforts for capacity building in the KR-ADD. Working closely with the College of Public Health at UK, the RCPC-sponsored training efforts will provide foundational and advanced experiences to local professionals, public health graduate students, and preventive medicine residents. Ongoing process evaluation of these coordinated activities will occur through periodic assessment of 33 indicators. Evaluation feedback will inform subsequent refinements in RCPC activities. Ultimately, the outcomes of the combined PRC activities will be increased cancer screening in the KR-ADD and population-level increases in cancer protective behaviors.

Mission − The Rural Cancer Prevention Center (RCPC) is a planned collaboration of community members, public health professionals, and researchers designed to reduce the health disparities associated with cervical cancer, breast cancer, and colo-rectal cancer among residents of the Kentucky River Health District.

The Rural Cancer Prevention Center (RCPC) is funded through the CDC Prevention Research Centers program. The Prevention Research Centers work as an interdependent network of community, academic, and public health partners to conduct prevention research and promote the wide use of practices proven to promote good health.

Funded Projects
  • Baretta Casey − HPV Vaccine Attitudes and Practices of Providers in Appalachian Counties in Kentucky − The objective of this study is to determine the HPV vaccine related practices and attitudes of medical providers in the eight counties comprising the Kentucky River Area Development District. Parents living in Appalachian areas are more accepting of the idea of vaccinating their daughters if recommended by a physician in their community (Brewer N, 2007 & Huey N, 2009). This study will investigate the important role physicians play in promoting HPV vaccination.
  • Baretta R. Casey – PI – Cervical Cancer-Free Kentucky Initiative – the goal of this project is to impact cervical cancer disparities in Kentucky through prevention of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection, timely screening and diagnosis, access to follow-up care and treatment, and changes in cervical cancer-related health policy. The goal will be accomplished through the coordination of existing state and local resources and collaboration of partners and organizations dedicated to the elimination of cervical cancer in the Commonwealth
  • Mark Swanson − Survey of Food Purchasing Practices in the Kentucky River District − This research proposes to examine the food shopping behavior and motivations for store selection by residents of the Kentucky River District. Availability and accessibility of healthy foods, particularly fruits and vegetables, is critical in the prevention of cancer.
  • Jennifer Havens − HCV Genotyping Among Rural Drug Users − Hepatitis C (HCV) is a leading cause of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), this study seeks to genotype HCV strains among rural drug users to determine whether they are at increased risk for HCC
  • Rick Crosby − Promoting HPV Vaccination Among Rural Appalachians − The Core Research project of the RCPC will test the efficacy of a social marketing program designed to promote Gardasil uptake among young women residing in the Kentucky River Health District. Also, a post HPV vaccination (post dose 1) counseling program will be conducted to promote women’s return for dose 2 and dose 3 as well as their future receipt of regularly scheduled Pap testing
  • Rick Crosby − HPV Vaccine Acceptance Among High School Males − The RCPC will begin surveying high school males to determine attitudes and potential willingness to be vaccinated against HPV in the near future. Given that Gardasil is now approved for this population it is important to identify and resolve barriers to HPV vaccine acceptance among teen males.
  • Robin Vanderpool − Understanding the Barriers and Facilitators to HPV Vaccine Uptake and Adherence Among Young Women in Appalachia Kentucky − The goal of the project is to gain an understanding of the barriers to and facilitators of HPV vaccine uptake and adherence experienced by young women in Appalachia Kentucky from the perspective of both young women ages 18-26 and their healthcare providers. Based on the study findings, we plan to develop interventions and public health programs to impact cervical cancer disparities in this unique geographic region and other rural communities across the United States.
  • Elisia L. Cohen − Promoting HPV Vaccination and Cervical Cancer Screening Among Young Adult Female Kentuckians − Dr. Cohen and her research team (Katy Head, Margaret McGladrey, Schyler Simpson, and Dr. Seth Noar, in the College of Communications & Information Studies) have conducted 83 in depth interviews with young adult female early adopters and non-adopters of the HPV vaccine, as well as small group and key informant interviews with young adult women from Eastern Kentucky Appalachian counties to understand key determinants of adherence for the three-shot HPV vaccine and yearly cervical screening. These data are being used in the development of a "1-2-3 Pap" DVD-based counseling program to promote post HPV vaccination (post dose 1) counseling to promote women’s return for dose 2 and dose 3 as well as their future receipt of regularly scheduled Pap testing.
  • Jeff Jones − The purpose of this study is to determine the overall awareness of HPV risks among Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) in Kentucky. This study will help us understand the challenges that must be overcome to provide quality comprehensive healthcare to MSM in Kentucky.
Photo of Baretta Casey

Baretta R. Casey, MD, MPH, FAAFP
Principal Investigator
email: bcase2@email.uky.edu

Photo of Dr. Crosby

Richard Crosby, PhD
Principal Investigator
email: rcros2@email.uky.edu

Photo of Dr. Vanderpool

Robin Vanderpool
DrPh − Deputy Director
email: robin@cis.uky.edu

Photo of Elisha Cohen

Elisha Cohen, PhD
email: elisia.cohen@uky.edu

Photo of Wallace Bates

Wallace Bates
Associate Director
email: wallace.bates@uky.edu

Photo of Tom Collins

Tom Collins
Associate Director
email: tom.collins@uky.edu

Photo of Cissy Jones

Cissy Jones
Nurse Researcher
email: mjo227@uky.edu

Photo of Nebraska Jones

Nebraska Jones
Nurse Researcher
email: nebraska.jones@uky.edu

Photo of Margaret McGladrey

Margaret McGladrey, MA
Grants Manager
email: Margaret.mcgladery@uky.edu

Photo of Adam Parrish

Adam Parrish, Doctoral Candidate
Data Maintenance
email: adam.parrish@uky.edu

Photo of Kristen Pickett

Kristen Pickett
Administrative Services Assistant Senior
email: kpick2@uky.edu

Photo of JaNelle Ricks

JaNelle Ricks, Doctoral Candidate
Data Maintenance
email: Janelle.ricks@uky.edu

Photo of Pamela Stamper

Pamela Stamper
Nurse Researcher
email: pamela.stamper@uky.edu

Photo of Lindsay Stradtman

Lindsay Stradtman, MPH
Research Assistant
email: Lindsay.stradtman@uky.edu

Contact us toll free at: (866) 686-7272

6/6    Whitesburg Walmart (HPV Vaccinations)
6/7    Jackson Walmart (HPV Vaccinations)
6/8    Hazard Walmart (HPV Vaccinations)
6/11   Perry County Health Department (HPV Vaccinations)
6/12   Eunice Johnson's Office - Breathitt County (HPV Vaccinations)
6/13   Leslie County Health Department (HPV Vaccinations)
6/18   Letcher County Health Department (HPV Vaccinations)
6/19   Knott County Health Department (HPV Vaccinations)
6/20   Wolfe County Health Department (HPV Vaccinations)
6/25   Lee County Health Department (HPV Vaccinations)
6/26   Owsley County Health Department (HPV Vaccinations)

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The University of Kentucky's Rural Cancer Prevention Center is dedicated to meeting the training needs of healthcare providers as well as citizens of the Kentucky River Area Development District. Healthcare professionals in need CE or CME credit courses related to cancer prevention and treatment should contact Tom Collins to coordinate trainings designed to meet your need. Baretta Casey, MD, MPH is the director of CE and CME course. For community trainings related to HPV vaccination, HPV related disease, cancer prevention and screening, Tom Collins will be happy to assist with your training needs.