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The productivity of CPH faculty/staff in the extramural funding arena is important and impressive. CPH faculty/staff research efforts range from bench research activities to community-based research. These efforts are directed at issues that present significant challenges to the health and well-being of Kentuckians including research on; aging-related issues, cancer, injury prevention, occupational safety and health, HIV, and public health systems. In addition, these significant research activities result in numerous opportunities for CPH students to actively engage in the conduct of research during their time at UK.

Contact Information

Associate Dean for Research

Photo of Richard Crosby
Richard A. Crosby, PhD
Phone: 859-218-2039

Assistant Dean for Research


Photo of Margaret McGladrey
Margaret McGladrey
Phone: 859-218-2023

Photo of Jeff Kurz
Jeffrey Kurz, J.D.
Phone: 859-218-2045

Grant Officers Roles & Respnsibilities

Mission & Goals

The mission of the Associate Dean for Research is to help faculty members in the College of Public Health (CPH) be successful in balancing roles in academia. Success will be defined as promotion and tenure at UK.

Acknowledging these goals, the Associate Dean for Research will work toward the following:

  • Identify appropriate research opportunities
  • Facilitate faculty linkages for successful research collaboration
  • Increase the number of successful grant proposal submissions
  • Strengthen the quality of grant proposals
  • Monitor the submission and outcomes of grant proposals
  • Keep faculty and staff members apprised of relevant proposal submission strategies and requirements
  • Engage faculty members in effective grant management strategies
  • Attend relevant meetings within the CPH and across campus to promote success in research endeavors

Resources for Research:

A research website listing the latest funding opportunities for public health research and providing tips and strategies for successful proposal development: http://academics.uky.edu/CPH/cphresearchresources/default.aspx

A grants specialist, Margaret McGladrey, MA, who works with the College Grants Officer, Jeff Kurz, JD, to assist faculty members with preparing electronic grant applications and submitting full proposals. Margaret also distributes a bi-weekly digest summarizing the latest funding opportunities for public health research via the CPH listserv. For assistance with developing a grant application, please contact Margaret and Jeff using the email links at right.  

A CPH-wide faculty development fund. The faculty development fund covers (a) travel to conferences (priority for those presenting at national meetings); (b) training ( e.g., new statistical, policy or other training of direct relevance to research productivity); and (c) other faculty development efforts with a direct link to increasing research productivity.

Pilot funding for junior faculty members in the range of $10,000 - $25,000 for the purpose of obtaining preliminary data for federal grant funding applications. Applications will be reviewed and progress reports including grant submissions are anticipated.

“Lunch and Learn” sessions on topics including sponsor agency relationships, grant development, manuscript development, IRB issues, study sessions, how to get tenured at UK, developing research teams, linkage with senior faculty, faculty development, and other topics as identified by faculty needs. Please see the “Events/Grand Rounds” tab above for a listing of upcoming Lunch and Learn sessions.

Individual meetings with the associate deans of research at least once a year to discuss (a) research plans (manuscript and grant submission plans with specific time lines) and (b) review of CV to determine progress toward tenure and promotion.

A presentation for graduate students that explains what you need to know about grants, proposals, and sponsored research. Powerpoint Presentation

Provost Budget Office Grant Group Resources

College of Public Health Pilot Research Grants

Pilot Research Grants are for College of Public Health Junior Faculty only. For more information click here.

All documents in pdf format.


Record Year for College of Public Health Research

In the fiscal year just ended (June 30, 2011), the research/extramural funding productivity of the College faculty and staff reached new heights (see table below)!! Three senior members of the College shared their own personal views regarding this record year.

Fiscal Years



FY08 6,835,179 19,408,817
FY09 8,561,908 25,081,955
FY10 6,298,964 27,560,264
FY11 11,518,675 41,280,171

Awards & Grants

Research Procedures

Templates for grant writing


Grant Opportunities

  • For a complete list of NIH grant opportunities, click here.
  • New Limited Submission and Non-Profit Agency Grantsadded to the list of grant opportunities this week -21.  Click here to view the list.
  • New Awards Announcementsadded to the list of Award Opportunities this week -26. Click here to view the list.

Faculty and staff associated with the centers are highly involved in research endeavors that complement the educational goals and objectives of the College of Public Health. Research activities conducted by the centers generated over 25 million dollars in 2008-2009 and provided financial support for over thirty student assistantships.

Center for Public Health Systems & Services Research

The Center for Public Health Systems & Services Research (CPHSSR) seeks to explore the impact of specific public health strategies on the quality and performance of the United States public health system. PHSSR is distinct, but related to, the established field of Health Services Research (HSR), which has traditionally focused on the delivery of medical services.

The Center for PHSSR at UK offers grants for researchers, sponsors an annual conference for the discipline, publishes papers and manuscripts and increases the data available for researchers to use in this area. This developing field of research focuses on the organization, staffing, financing and management of public health. Ultimately, the answers uncovered through this body of research will help us be more effective and productive in our mission to improve health status.

Center of Excellence in Public Health Workforce Research and Policy

In response to the need for organized research efforts directed at issues surrounding the public health workforce, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provided, through their Office of Workforce and Career Development in collaboration with the Public Health Foundation, a Center of Excellence in Public Health Workforce Research and Policy (COEWRP) at the University of Kentucky College of Public Health.

The Center’s mission is to initiate and coordinate strategic efforts to improve the public health workforce through research. The Center identifies workforce databases and catalogues them at the National Library of Medicine’s Public Health Systems and Services Research Resources website, and it provides technical assistance to those wishing to use those databases for public health workforce research. The Center also participates in other scholarly activities concerning workforce research, including data harmonization, providing a venue and support for presentation of research results, and coordination with the current efforts of the University of Kentucky’s Center for Public Health Systems and Services Research.

The Center envisions research outcomes will provide a basis for relevant enhancements and changes in public health policy related to the nation’s public health workforce and the delivery of the essential services. To assist in these efforts, the Center has established a national advisory committee composed of prominent public health leaders and researchers who recognize the importance of strategic research in achieving Essential Public Health Service #8: Assure a competent public and personal health care workforce.

Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center

The Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center (KIPRC) works with Kentucky communities and the state’s Department for Public Health to promote the reduction of injuries along with related disabilities and deaths. In addition to the state’s injury prevention program and CDC-funded core injury surveillance, KIPRC activities include an occupational injury and fatality program funded by grants from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health; pediatric and adolescent injury prevention programs funded by state, federal, and foundation grants; a broad-ranging community outreach program that includes full-time staff in Rowan and Whitley Counties; a CDC-funded program to foster and evaluate injury coalition development; and the development and implementation of Kentucky’s Violent Death Reporting System, another CDC-funded initiative. KIPRC is located at 333 Waller Avenue and welcomes inquiries from injury community stakeholders, College of Public Health students, and area residents with an interest in reducing the toll of injury statewide.

University of Kentucky Justice Center for Elders and Vulnerable Adults (JCEVA)

The Center is dedicated to research and educational efforts intended to make a difference in the lives of older Kentuckians. Textbooks and research speak to the huge problem of abuse, neglect and exploitation of the elderly whether it takes the form of emotional, financial, mental, physical, sexual or social mistreatment.

Rural Cancer Prevention Center

A CDC-supported research center and part of the national Prevention Research Centers program, guided by CPH faculty, with assistance from faculty in other academic units, including UK’s College of Medicine. The research focus in the UK RCPC is cancer prevention and control, with an emphasis upon community-based participatory research. The Center’s primary research project will focus on cervical cancer prevention, through increasing dissemination of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine.

Southeast Center for Agricultural Health and Injury Prevention

The mission of the Southeast Center for Agricultural Health and Injury Prevention is to develop and sustain an innovative program of research, education, and intervention services to prevent work-related illness and injury and to improve the safety and health of agricultural workers and their families in the southeastern United States. One of only seven such centers funded nationwide by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (CDC/NIOSH), the Center offers training and research funding opportunities for qualified students as well as an annual pilot studies program for new and experienced investigators. The Center emphasizes interdisciplinary applied research, and courses in the Health of Agricultural Populations concentration area are open to students in Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Gerontology, Health Behavior, and Health Services Management, as well as Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health.

Faculty Research Interests are listed by department.

  • Biostatistics
  • Epidemiology
  • Gerontology
  • Health Behavior
  • Health Services Mgmt.
  • Preventive Med. & Envi. Hlth.

Click on the appropriate photo to view their webpage and on their name to send an email.

Link to Dr. Breheny webpageDr. Patrick Breheny

Analysis of high-dimensional data
Systems biology
Statistical computing

Link to Dr. Bush webpageDr. Heather Bush

Higher dimensions with data
Registry data
Large observational studies

Link to Dr. Charnigo webpageDr. Richard Charnigo

Methods in Mixture Modeling
Curve estimation as applied to public health

Link to Dr. David Fardo websiteDavid Fardo

Statistical genetics
Genome-wide association studies
Gene-by-environment interaction
Causal inference and statistical methodologies in public health applications

Link to Dr. Kryscio webpageDr. Richard Kryscio

Clustering of disease in space and time

Link to Dr. Mendiondo webpageDr. Marta Mendiondo

Data management and biostatistical analysis in PREADISE, a multicenter Alzheimer's Disease prevention trial

Click on the appropriate photo to view their webpage and on their name to send an email.

Link to Dr. Andre Baron webpageDr. Andre Baron

Ovarian Cancer

Link to Dr. Browning webpageDr. Steve Browning

Cardiovascular disease epidemiology
Chronic kidney disease
Predictors of CVD in patients with chronic kidney disease
Factors that predict escalation of kidney disease
Previous Interest-Occupational and Environmental Health

Link to  Dr. Figgs webpageDr. Larry Figgs

Cancer epidemiology
Exposure Assessment
Environmental and occupational disease

Link to Dr. Fleming webpageDr. Steve Fleming

Cancer epidemiology: specifically breast and prostate cancer
Effect of co morbidity illness on cancer screening
Treatment patterns for cancer

Link to Dr. Hopenhayn webpageDr. Claudia Hopenhayn

Lung and cervical cancer
Global Health
Environmental Health
Reproductive Epidemiology

Link to Dr. Mannino webpageDr. David Mannino

Epidemiology of COPD
Lung cancer
Health effects related to active and passive smoking

Link to Dr. Tucker websiteDr. Thomas Tucker

Cancer epidemiology
Cancer Surveillance
Social Epidemiology

Photo of Dr. WalshDr. Sabrina Walsh

Suicide: Gender differences in suicide, Teen suicide
Intimate partner violence & violent death
Drug and alcohol related violence & violent death
Gun related fatalities
Sudden unexpected infant death
Child abuse and neglect, sudden infant death syndrome, intentional injuries.

Link to Dr. Sanderson websiteDr. Wayne sanderson

Agricultural health and safety
Respiratory diseases, cancers, and birth defects associated with a variety of occupational & environmental exposures

Photo of Dr. SandsDr. Fontaine Sands

Infectious disease prevention for patients entering the healthcare system and healthy community members now affected by multi-drug resistant organisms.

Link to Dr. Stephen Wyatt websiteDr. Stephen Wyatt

Cancer prevention & control
Chronic disease prevention and health promotion

Click on the appropriate photo to view their webpage and on their name to send an email.

Link to Dr. Jacobs-Lawson webpageDr. Joy Jacobs-Lawson

Life planning decision making

Link to Dr. Rowles webpageDr. Graham Rowles

Institutional permeability
How nursing home residents are linked to outside
Meaning of place for older people
Affects of separation from home
Ethical issues of separation
Kentucky Elder Readiness Initiative

Link to Dr Symon webpageDr. T. Brock Symons

Preservation of lean body mass through the promotion of skeletal muscle anabolism, the restoration of skeletal muscle function, the enhancement of functional daily performance, and the development and refinement of methods used for such studies in older adults.
Potential benefit of high force eccentric contractions on the debilitating effects of sarcopenia
The use of essential amino acids to prolong the time to exhaustion.

Link to Dr. Teaster webpageDr. Pamela Teaster

Rights of vulnerable adults
Abuse of older adults
Public guardianship
Women who were government girls of WW II

Link to Dr. Watkins webpageDr. John Watkins

Population Aging
Life course dynamics
Theoretical and Mathematical Demography

Link to Dr. Zanzani webpageDr. Faika Zanjani

Health promotion and mental illness
Health outcomes for people with mental illness
Health services utilization and adherence to appointments

Click on the appropriate photo to view their webpage and on their name to send an email.

Link to Dr. Alexander webpageDr. Linda Alexander

Cultural competency
Health disparities
Tobacco, children’s exposure to secondhand smoke
Community-based participatory research
Academic public health

Photo of Dr. ClaytonDr. Richard Clayton

Tobacco control
Smoking cessation
Etiology of tobacco use and dependence
Etiology of drug abuse

Link to Dr. Crosby webpageDr. Richard Crosby

Prevention of sexually transmitted disease among high-risk populations
HIV among African Americans
Pregnancy prevention

Link to Dr. Jones webpageDr. Jeffery Jones

Child and adolescent health
HIV/AIDS care and prevention, and cultural competency, identity, and local communities

Link to Dr. Knight webpageDr. Evelyn Knight

Participatory methodologies
Professional development of change agents
Evaluation of state-level health promotion and prevention
Interface between academia and communities
Translation of academic concepts into practice

Link to Dr. Swanson webpageDr. Mark Swanson

Child obesity
Food systems
Farm to school programs
Dietary measurement
Community Based Participatory Research

Link to Dr. Teaster webpageDr. Pamela Teaster

Rights of vulnerable adults
Abuse of older adults
Public guardianship
Women who were government girls of WW II

Link to Dr. Vanderpool webpageDr. Robin Vanderpool

Cancer health disparities among rural and Appalachian populations
Dissemination research, tobacco control, preventative health behaviors, and cancer epidemiology Health services utilization and adherence to appointments

Click on the appropriate photo to view their webpage and on their name to send an email.

Link to Dr. Costich webpageDr. Julia Costich

Public health policy and law
Public health systems, focusing on public health finance
Injury control
Health information privacy law


Link to Dr. Scott Hankins webpageDr. Scott Hankins

Health economics
Government regulations and health
Program evaluation

Link to Dr. Harris websiteDr. Torrie Harris

Access to healthcare of disadvantaged populations and the implications on behavioral health,
Public health systems and services research,
Adolescent health and mental health policy

Link to Dr. Holsinger webpageDr. James Holsinger

Decision making issues
Global health issues

Link to Dr. Johnson websiteDr. Andrew O. Johnson

Focus on rural health, behavioral health services, veterans health, access to care, Geographic Information Systems & Science (GIS), and spatial analysis

Link to Dr. Pfeifle webpageDr. William Pfeifle

International curriculum design
Quality improvement
Designing materials and training

Link to Dr. Prybil websiteDr. Lawrence Prybil

Board structures, practices, and performance in nonprofit organizations and healthcare ethics and leadership

Link to Dr. Riddell webpageDr. Martha C. Riddell

Quality and performance improvement in public health delivery systems,
eHealth initiatives,
Leadership development and management education

Link to Dr. Scutchfield webpageDr. F. Douglas Scutchfield

Public health systems research
Infrastructure development
Accreditation of health departments
Putting the public back in the public's health
Health Education Extension Leadership (HEEL)
Patient safety
Quality improvement Referral process (how to facilitate the hand-off)
Certificate of need
Establish a professional patient safety organization at the Kentucky hospital association

Link to Dr. Wackerbarth websiteDr. Sarah Wackerbarth

Caregiver's decisions for Alzheimer patients

Link to Dr. John Williams webpageDr. John Williams

Workforce development, particularly in the area of rural public health preparedness
Systems thinking/dynamics,
program monitoring and evaluation research
competency development

Click on the appropriate photo to view their webpage and on their name to send an email.

Link to Dr. Terry Bunn webpageDr. Terry Bunn

Surveillance of occupational injuries and illness
Injury prevention and control in the transportation and construction industries



Link to  Dr. Figgs webpageDr. Larry Figgs

Cancer epidemiology
Exposure Assessment
Environmental and occupational disease

Link to Dr. Garman webpageDr. Ray Garman

Hand/upper extremity rehabilitation in worker populations

Link to Dr. Mannino webpageDr. David Mannino

Epidemiology of COPD
Lung cancer
Health effects related to active and passive smoking

Link to Dr. Prince webpageDr. Timothy Prince

Chronic low-level occupational exposure

Link tof Dr. McKnight websiteDr. Robert McKnight

Occupational injuries and illness among farmers, farm workers, and farm families
Occupational poisonings, injury prevention, and health care access among migrant farm workers

Link to Dr. Stephen Wyatt websiteDr. Stephen Wyatt

Cancer prevention & control
Chronic disease prevention and health promotion


All documents in pdf.

Grand Rounds

What: Grand Rounds
Presented by: Drs. Scutchfield, Mays, Costich, Rick Ingram
Title: Advancing the Science of Public Health Practice: Services and Systems Research
Where: Multi-Disciplinary Building 223
When: April 6, 2012, CTW Room 014, 12 Noon - 1:00 p.m.
RSVP: Rebecca Friend (rsfrie1@email.uky.edu) by Apr 2  (please indicate any dietary needs).

Lunch and Learn

What: Lunch and Learn
Presenter: Margot McCullers, Director of Proposal Development Office
Title: Funding Support Services from the Proposal Development Office
When: March 9, 2012 12:00 - 1:30p.m., CTW Room 405
RSVP: Rebecca Friend (rsfrie1@email.uky.edu) by March 7, 2012 (please indicate any dietary needs).
NOTE: Open to all faculty and staff (particularly Administrative Assistants)