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Photo of Dr. CaldwellGlyn Caldwell, MD
Assistant Professor

Curriculum Vitae

Glyn G. Caldwell, MS, MD; is a part time Associate Professor, Department of Epidemiology in the University of Kentucky, College of Public Health. He teaches Emerging and Infectious Disease Epidemiology and the Public Health Response to Terrorism and Disasters. He is currently the Chairman of the Faculty Council of the College and a member of the University Pandemic Influenza Task Force. He serves on advisory committees for the Fatality Assessment Case Evaluation Project, the Integrated Core Injury Prevention Program, and the Kentucky Violent Death Reporting System, as well as the College Administrative Council, and Practice and Service Committee. He is a retired United States Public Health Service Office from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He was the Deputy Director of the Arizona Department of Public Health, and the Director of the Tulsa City County Health Department. He served as the state epidemiologist in both Arizona and Kentucky.

Research Interests

Dr. Caldwell research interests have been infectious disease, cancer, environmental health and radiation epidemiology. His research has been published in both medical and epidemiological peer reviewed journals.