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Dr.P.H. Curriculum Requirements

Dr.P.H. curriculum is minimum 63 Semester Hours.

* The chair of the Biostatistics Department has established a policy that students completing an acceptable (equivalent to STA 580) introductory statistics course (with a laboratory) in the past five years meet this expectation. Students completing an introductory graduate statistics course more than five years ago must repeat the introductory course or may take a diagnostic examination to demonstrate that they are prepared to move to the first statistics course in the Dr.P.H. Program.

Prerequisite Curriculum

Must complete courses listed below (or their approved equivalent). Hours earned for prerequisite course work will NOT be applied to the Dr.P.H. degree requirements.

Core Curriculum, Part A

Must complete ALL six core Courses

Core Curriculum, Part B

Must complete THREE of the following core courses, including course in area of concentration

Core Curriculum, Part C

Must complete ALL of the following

Advanced Courses in Area of Concentration (Selectives)

Must complete FIVE courses in area of concentration (Requires advisor approval).

Other Requirements

Must complete ALL of the following requirements.


All students concentrating in Epidemiology are required to take the following TWO courses.

In addition to these courses, Dr.P.H. students concentrating in Epidemiology must take at least 5 (15 credit hours) of the following courses. Some of these courses may be currently going through the university process for final approval and may be taught under a different, temporary course number.

In addition to the regular selective courses in Epidemiology, students may want to take elective courses. The following are some courses that students concentrating in Epidemiolgy have found useful. However, there are a number of other elective courses that could be valuable: