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Dr. Graham Rowles and Shani Bardach published in latest issue of The Gerontologist

Geriatric Education in the Health Professions: Are We Making Progress?

The October issue of The Gerontologist included and article by Dr. Graham Rowles, Director of the Graduate Center for Gerontology and Chair of the Department of Gerontology, and Shani Bardach, a student in the Gerontology PhD program.

The Gerontologist is a journal of The Gerontological Society of America and provides multidisciplinary views on human aging—welcoming input from social, psychological, health, and political sciences, as well as those in the areas of economics, education, and the humanities.

The article considers the current state of gerontological and geriatric education in the health professions. Focus was placed on the situation within seven University of Kentucky health sciences professions –medicine, pharmacy, nursing communications disorders, dentistry, and physician assistant studies. They found that there are numerous barriers to including geriatric training in an already packed curriculum and a shortage of people who can competently and confidently serve the medical and health care needs of a burgeoning elderly population that have a very distinctive set of needs.

The University of Kentucky Libraries has an electronic subscription to The Gerontologist and you can assess the full journal article by going here.