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April, 2013 Capstone Presentations

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Last NameFirst NameDegreeDefense DateRoomTitle
AbelsonDanielleMPHApril 11, 9:00amCTW 403Evaluation of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Fitness and Wellness Program for Older Adults at the University of Kentucky
AcurioLizettiMPHApril 18, 9:00amNURS 213The Association Between Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine Awareness and Uptake and Annual Dental Visit Among Young Adults in The United States
AndrewsCharityMPHApril 18, 3:00pmCPH 207Clostridium Difficil Associated Disease (CDAD): The Case for Antimicrobil Stewardship
AsaoluIbitolaMPHApril 18, 10:00amCPH 115The Association Between Intimate Partner Violence and Health Outcomes of Nigerian Women and Their Children
AulisioMadelineMPHApril 12, 2:00pmCPH 202Differences Among Residents of Appalachian and Non-Appalachian Areas with Respect to Perceptions of Lung Cancer
AyersLeslieMHAApril 19, 1:00pmCPH 207Prisoners, Guards and HealthCare: A Protocol for the University of Kentucky Hospital from a Risk Management Perspective
BauersMeganMPHApril 17, 11:00amCPH 202Methamphetamine Administration Preferences Across Geographic Sector Types
BirkelbachLaurenMPHApril 11, 11:00amNURS 501BThe Epidemiology of Cancer Screening Practices in Women With A Family History of Disease
BranhamDouglasMPHApril 14, 3:00pmNURS 501BEvaluation of the Demographic Makeup and Health Status of the Uninsured Population of Kentucky
BrownMelissaMPHApril 11, 9:00amCPH 202Intimate Partner Problems and Suicide in Kentucky: A Retrospective Review of 2005-2010
BruendermanAndrewMHAApril 19, 9:00amCPH 207Limited Feasibility Study of Nurse Staffing Models for Pediatric Progressive Care Units at Kentucky Children's Hospital in Comparison with Selected University Health Consortium Organizations
CapassoPierMPHApril 12, 4:00pmCPH 202Behavior and Attitude Association with Sequential Substance Use Between Cigarette and Marijuana
CasanaveLeahDrPHApril 16, 12:00pmCPH 207Factors Influencing Women's Breast Health (Including Intimate Partner Violence, Screening and Treatment Adherence)
ClouserJessicaMPHApril 16, 7:00pmCPH 207In My Own Words: A Qualitatice Analysis of the Job Conditions and Occipational Safety and Health of Latino Horse Breeding Workers in Kentucky
CraftJonMHAApril 17, 12:00pmCPH 207Expand or Drawback? Development of an Efficiency Score to Inform Physician Practice Design
DeanLandonMPHApril 18, 10:00amCPH 207The Correlation of High Frequency and Binge Alcohol Consumption and Noncompliance to Antiretroviral Treatment Regimens in HIV Seropositive Men Who Have Sex with Men
DiggsKofiMPHApril 15, 8:00amNURS 213Evaluating the Association Between Occupational Exposures and Histology of Lung Cancer in a Cohort of Lung Cancer Patients
EzeLazarusMPHApril 15, 11:00amMDS 206The Effect of Medicaid Expansion Among Nonelderly Adults on Uninsurance Rate and Health Outcomes
FlaugherBlakeMPHApril 11, 11:00amCPH 202Associations Between Knowledge of HIV Status and Perceived Social Support Among Men Who Have Sex with Men in the United States
GrantAngelaMPHApril 16, 1:00pmCPH 202Physical Activity and Pro-Social Behaviors in a Representative Sample of Adolescents
HallCarmenMHAApril 19, 2:00pmCPH 207Patient Satisfaction
HartChristopherMHAApril 17, 1:00pmCPH 207Decreasing the Door-to-Discharge Time for Lower Acuity Patients in Emergency Department
HowinKymMHAApril 16, 8:30amCPH 115Improving Access at Kentucky Neurosciences Institute
HaddadDavidMPHApril 12, 12:30pmNURS 501BCircumstantial and Toxicological Differences in Homicides Between the State of Kentucky and Three Clusters within Kentucky
HayekSamahDrPHMarch 29, 12:00pmCPH 202An Evaluation of the Association Between Cummulative Abuse and Eating Disorders
HicksRaymondMPHApril 18, 2:00pmCTW 415Proposed Plan to Implement a Radiation Response Strike Team To Assist at Community Reception Centers (CRC) During a Radiological Emergency for the Commonwealth of Kentucky
HintonKaylaMHAApril 18, 4:30pmCPH 115Crimson Practice Management: Optimizing Physician Practice Performance
HughesBryanMHAApril 18, 11:00amCPH 202Reimbursement Models for Provider-Based Ambulatory Care Centers
JacobsenLeaMPHApril 12, 9:00pmCPH 207The Characterization of Adult Bicycle/Motor Vehicle Collisions in Kentucky
JadoonHadiaMHAApril 19, 8:00amCPH 115Physician Utilization of Home Health
JohnsonTishaMPHApril 17, 3:00pmCTW 415The Implications for Expanded Insurance Coverage under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act for Substance Abuse Treatment in Kentucky
Keeler (Oglesby)HannahMPHApril 9, 8:00amCPH 202What Are the Issues; A Look at Policymakers Opinions on Medicaid and Conference Style Learning
KlawitterAmyMPHApril 12, 3:00pmCPH 202Relationship Between Contraceptive Method Used During First Sexual Intercourse and HPV Vaccination
KruegerLeeMPHApril 16, 10:00amCPH 115The Relationship Between Alcohol & Ilicit Drug Use Before Intercourse and Contraceptive Use Among Adolescent Women
LawsonTiffanyMPHApril 18, 8:00amNURS 213The Effects of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption on Body Mass Index Among U.S. Students in Grades 9-12
LewisAlyshaMPHApril 16, 2:00pmCPH 202Repeat Teen Pregnancy and Entry into Prenatal Care by Trimester: A Comparative Study to First Time Teen Pregnancy
LewisAmandaDrPHApril 15, 9:00amCPH 202Assessment of ICD-IO-CM Preparedness Among Kentucky Health Departments
LinaresNeptuneMHAApril 19, 4:00pmCPH 207Rural hospital dashboards to support participation in an Accountable Care Organization
Lu(Xiaohui) ShirleyMHAApril 18, 8:00amCPH 202UK HealthCare Community Needs Assessment
LutzJames TaylorMHAApril 18, 2:30pmCPH 115The 2006 Netherlands and Massachusetts Health Care Reforms: A Predictor for the Affordable Care Act?
MaciubaSandraMPHApril 16, 6:00pmCPH 207Factors the Influence Engagement in Selective Health Behaviors of Farmers Ages 50 and Olders
MarchallAmandaMHAApril 19, 12:00pmCPH 207Lewis-Gale Medical Center Women’s Care Center
MartinMariannaMHAApril 18, 10:00amCPH 202Operating Room First Case Start Delays: A Cost Implications Analysis
MunisUzairMHAApril 18, 3:30pmCPH 115Increasing Primary Care Coding Accuracy at the Lexington VA Medical Center
NioWarrenMHAApril 19, 10:00amCPH 207Increasing pneumococcal vaccine compliance rate through LEAN methodology
OkaforChiomaMPHApril 16, 11:00amCPH 115Determining the Association Between Perceived Stigma and HIV Testing Behavior Among Ugandan Men and Women Between the Ages 15 - 49
OvercashHollyMHAApril 19, 3:00pmCPH 207Assessment of Patient-And-Family-Centered Care in the University of Kentucky Children’s Hospital Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit
PabbaAdityaMPHApril 12, 10:00amNURS 214A Comparative Analysis of Kenya and Zambia's Response to HIV/AIDS
PennerGarethMHAApril 17, 4:00pmCPH 207Expanding the Knowledge of Healthcare: A study on Point of Service Information Racks for the University of Kentucky Healthcare
PhamChristopherMHAApril 17, 10:00amCPH 115Critical Lab Values
RabarisonKristinaDrPHApril 17, 12:00pmCPH 202Dollars and Disparities - A Longitudinal Study of the Impact of Title V Block Grand Investments on Select Maternal and Child Health Outcomes
RoseArlieMHAApril 18, 9:00amCPH 202Feasibility Study of an Infectious Disease Management Service at Norton Healthcare, Inc.
Smith (Finseth)AmberMPHApril 10, 9:00amCPH 202Staff Perspectives of Better Bites: A Healthy Food Intervention Program
SmithaCarolineMPHApril 16, 9:00amCPH 115Understanding Social Stigma and Non-Disclosure of Genital Herpes Among African American Males and Females
StradtmanLindsayMPHApril 18, 11:00amCPH 207Association of an Unwanted First Sexual Intercourse and HIV Risk Behaviors: Findings From a National Sample of Women Aged 18 - 44
SwackerJayMHAApril 19, 2:00pmCPH 115Piloting a Balanced Scorecard System at a Federally-Qualified Health Center
SzesnyDerekMPHApril 11, 1:00pmCPH 115Benzodiasepine Abuse in Appalachian Kentucky: Can Pharmacists Intervene?
TuncelCinarMHAApril 19, 8:00amCPH 207Bone Marrow Transplant Program Evaluation at Markey Cancer Center
WebsterMaryMPHMarch 29, 2:00pmCPH 115Exploring Primary Invasive Esophageal Cancer Survival as Reported to the Kentucky Cancer Registry
WilliamsMiaMPHApril 17, 10:00amCPH 202The Associations of Eating Non-Home Prepared Meals with Sodium Intake in Adults, Aged 20-49, in the United States