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Integrative Musculoskeletal Movement Laboratory

Welcome to the Integrative musculoskeletal movement laboratory.  The lab is led by Dr. Brian Noehren and is focused on how muscle function and biomechanics affect a variety of common lower extremity injuries.  The laboratory uses a variety of techniques from magnetic resonance imaging, muscle histochemistry to gait mechanics and functional testing to answer its questions.


Our research is focused in a number of key areas:

  • First, we are interested in understanding the mechanics of how runners become injured. This research is part of the running lab research and involves a variety of collaborators across campus. From this research we are activity engaged in testing promising new treatments.
  • Second, we are also interested in how having an ACL reconstruction affects your muscles, how you walk, run and play sports. In addition previous research suggests that a high percentage of individuals who have had an ACL reconstruction will go onto develop knee osteoarthritis. From this work we hope to determine some of the factors that may be related to the future development of osteoarthritis.
  • Third, in collaboration with Dr. Lattermann, MD, we are engaged in some very exciting work in the area of patellofemoral pain and instability. Please visit to learn more about the services Dr. Lattermann offers.
  • Click HERE to view our current studies.

We also maintain a facebook page where we post interesting articles we review and calls for subjects. Please consider joining our facebook page.

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Integrative Musculoskeletal Movement Laboratory
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