Study Updates

Annual screening calls have officially ended. There is still a possibility that we may call to ask follow-up questions, clarify information, catch up on missed screenings, or request medical records, but we will no longer be calling during your birth month. If we have called and left you a message, please call us back toll-free, at (877) 460-3999, or you can email us at

If we have asked you for medical records, please forward them to PREADVISE as soon as possible. Final results of the study depend on this important information from you.

Why are my workup or medical records so important?

The goal of the PREADVISE study is to evaluate the impact of the study supplements on the occurrence of memory disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. With the change in 2010 to centralized follow-up phone calls, the only way to determine outcomes is to obtain definitive medical records on participants.

Your participation and attention to these important details will help us bring PREADVISE to its conclusion. The findings of this study may contribute to our understanding of Alzheimer’s disease and may help other people avoid this disease in the future.

After the study officially ends, the PREADVISE researchers will learn which of the study supplements (Vitamin E, Selenium, both, or neither) each participant received. In order to remain unbiased, the PREADVISE team has been blinded to which supplement each participant received. PREADVISE will use this information to conduct data analyses and tabulate results which should be available in late 2015.

Once primary analyses have been completed, we will send you a letter informing you of the results.