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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation





2011 Resident Oral Research Day Presentations

Pravardhan Birthi, MD- Incidence of Pneumonia Associated with the Frazier Free Water Protocol

David T. Brough, MD- TBI and PTSD in Blast Exposed Veterans

Erika E. Erlandson, MD- Amantadine to Enhance Cognitive Rehabilitation of Attention: A Proposal

Giridhar Gundu, MD- Side Stability of Scooters with 3 and 4 Wheels: A Prospective Cohort Study

Jay Hammock, MD- Chronic Opioid Therapy, Hypothalamic- Pituitary-Gonadal Axis and Bone Density Loss

Thien Ngo, MD- Comaparion of Pain Threshold Between DIfferent Male Adult Age Groups (20-40 vs 40-60) Using Objective Measurements Based on Nociceptive Flexion Withdrawal Reflex

Henna Sattar, MD- Influence of the Kentucky Resident Training Progream in Rehabilitation Technology on the Equipment and Assistive Technology Portion of the ABPMR Part 1 Scores