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Office of Health Research and Development


Image of Office of Health Research and DevelopmentWelcome

Mission Statement

The mission of the OHRD is to enhance the health status of Kentuckians with an emphasis on rural and underserved populations through creative educational initiatives, focused research, and policy advocacy.

Vision Statement

We will be a national leader in bringing academic resources to bear on improving health.

To meet this mission and vision, the Office of Health Research and Development facilitates coordination and collaboration among several College of Medicine and other medical center programs.

OHRD goals include:

  1. Addressing health problems endemic to Kentucky.
  2. Promoting rural health research and service agendas.
  3. Developing health policy that addresses health disparities.
  4. Increasing the number of students from underserved areas who pursue health careers.
  5. Participating in the development of new health care systems.

OHRD Programs:

Please click on any of the following links to go to the section of The Office of Health Research and Development site you wish to visit.  These programs and functions are administratively consolidated in the OHRD Office.

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