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Thomas E. Curry, Jr., Ph.D.
Professor and Vice Chair
East Carolina University, 1983
Kathy Rosewell, B.A.
Scientist II
University of Maryland, 1983
Carole Bryant
Research Facility Manager
Linah Al-Alem, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral Fellow
University of Kentucky, 2010
Muraly Puttabyatappa, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral Fellow
University of Maryland, 2010

Dr. Tom Curry


As with all experimental research endeavors, the contributions that we make to the understanding of basic scientific principles is accomplished by a team of unique individuals. Each individual brings their own set of skills and personalities to the laboratory. The attached pages attempt to show not the scientific aspects of the people in the laboratory, but rather the personalities and outside interests of these individuals. In these days of mission statements, long term objectives, and strategic plans; I believe that those associated with my laboratory work hard, play hard, and live life with inquiry, vigor, and wonderment each day. Myself, I enjoy the out of doors, putting a few miles on my bike, and torturing all around with my guitar playing.