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Thomas E. Curry, Jr., Ph.D.
Professor and Vice Chair
East Carolina University, 1983
Kathy Rosewell, B.A.
Scientist II
University of Maryland, 1983
Carole Bryant
Research Facility Manager
Linah Al-Alem, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral Fellow
University of Kentucky, 2010
Muraly Puttabyatappa, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral Fellow
University of Maryland, 2010

Carole Bryant

Photo: Carole Bryant

I am a research technician in the Curry lab. I originally started at the bench but have now moved to supervising and running the lab which performs all of the sex hormone assays for the Hospital along with running assays for the lab. I enjoy the outdoors and have been actively involved with the Kentucky Lab Rescue which tries to find homes for abandoned Labrador retrievers. Mattie (in the picture) came from the KY Lab Rescue as did Dr. Curry’s dog Maui.