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Patient Care

Each year, more than 4800 patients are seen in the UK Gynecologic Oncology clinic and ~850 cancer patients are treated by UK gynecologic oncologists each year. Patients have access to the most modern, up-to-date treatment, delivered in a comfortable setting.

Location: Outpatients are seen in the UK Gynecologic Oncology Clinic on the Third Floor of the Whitney Hendrickson Women's Cancer Facility.  Inpatients are treated at the Markey Cancer Center, which is part of the University of Kentucky Medical Center.

Appointments: Call (859) 257-1613

Among clinical services offered:

  • Primary care and specialty physicians can call from anywhere in the region and consult with a Division faculty member. Patients are assigned to a faculty member, who will then serve as that patientís personal physician.

  • For nearly a decade, the Division has offered chemotherapy services to patients in the comfort of a dedicated modern Chemoinfusion Unit.

  • In 1987, the Division established the Ovarian Cancer Screening Research Program, which provides free ultrasound screening to asympthomatic women who are at least 50 years old.    The Ovarian Cancer Screening Research Program is directed by Dr. Edward J. Pavlik, and provides ovarian screening in Lexington, Elizabethtown, Somerset, Prestonsburg, Maysville and Paducah (for more information see, UK Ovarian Screening Program).
  • Women with persisting ovarian tumors confirmed on ultrasound in whom surgery is indicated are offered laparoscopic (minimally invasive) tumor removal in order to shorten hospital stay.

  • For more than 30 years, the Division, through its Colposcopy Clinic, has cared for women who have been diagnosed with preinvasive or invasive cervical neoplasia.  Treatment options include laser therapy, LEEP excision, as well as more advanced surgical procedures.


If you would like to schedule an appointment for the free Ovarian Cancer Screening Program, please call 1-800-766-8279 or 859-323-4687.  This free cancer screening is available to postmenopausal women over the age of 50 or women over the age of 25 with a documented family history of ovarian cancer.

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