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Internal Medicine - Nephrology

Internal Medicine


Thomas Waid, MD Thomas Waid, MD

Professor of Medicine

University of Kentucky
Albert B. Chandler Medical Center
800 Rose Street, Room MN-564
Lexington, KY  40536-0298

Phone:  (859) 323-6789
Fax :  (859) 323-1700

Curriculum Vitae (PDF Link)
Updated: December 2008

Research/Clinical Interests:

Kidney, Pancreas, Lung, and Heart Transplantation

Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy

Critical Care Nephrology

Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Immunosuppressive Drugs

Development of New Dialysate Solutions for Critical Care Patients with Renal Failure

Metabolic Bone Disease in Transplantation

Selected Publications: 

Reddy, K.S., Ranjan, D., Johnston, T.D., Kahn, T., Karounes, D., WAID, T.H., McKeown, J.W., Lucas, B.A., and Mentzer, R., Pancreas Transplantation:  Current Status and Experience at the  University of Kentucky.  JKMA 100: 274-280, 2002.

Tim Ruff, M.D., K. Sudhakar Reddy, M.D., Thomas D. Johnston, M.D., Thomas WAID, M.D., Wade McKeown, M.D., Taqi Kahn, M.D., Dinesh Ranjan, M.D., Bruce Lucas, M.D.,  Transplantation of pediatric en bloc cadaver kidneys into adult recipient:  A Single-Center Experience.  Am Surg 68: 1-3, 2002.

Butros, R., Reddy, K.S., Johnston, T.D., Kahn, T., WAID, T.H., McKeown, J.W., Sawaya, P.Ranjan, D., and Lucas, B.A.  Successful renal transplantation using kidneys from diabetic cadaver donors.  Submitted to Clinical Nephrology, June 2002.

Tuteja, S., Reddy, K.S., Johnston, T.D., Waid, T.H., et al.  Prevention of acute rejection in recipients of pancreas transplantation using T10B9:  A Pilot Study.  Submitted to Am. J. Transplant, 2002.

Reddy, K.S., Davies, D., Ormond, D., Tuteja, S., Lucas, B.A., Johnston, T.D., WAID, T.H., McKeown, J.W., and Ranjan, D. Impact of acute rejection episodes on long-term graft survival following simultaneous kidney-pancreas transplantation.  Revised and submitted to Am. J. Transplantation, 2002.

WAID, T.H., Winstead, P.S.  Continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) in patients with lactic acidosis: Successful control of lactate levels with acetate-based dialysate. Submitted to Clinical Nephrology, 2002.

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