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Internal Medicine - Nephrology

Internal Medicine


Hanna Mawad, MD, FACP Hanna Mawad, MD, FACP

Assistant Professor of Nephrology
Director of Clinical Research Program
American Board Certified in Internal Medicine & Nephrology
Certified Clinical Densitometrist

University of Kentucky
Albert B. Chandler Medical Center
800 Rose Street, Room MN-564
Lexington, KY  40536-0298

Phone:  (859) 323-5049
Fax :  (859) 323-0232

Curriculum Vitae (PDF Link)
Updated: December 2008

Research/Clinical Interest:

Renal osteodystrophy
Post transplant bone disease

Osteoporosis and bone metabolic disorders

Selected Publications: 

Malluche, H.H., Mawad, H.W., Trueba, D., Monier-Faugere, M.C.: Parathyroid hormone assays-evolution and revolutions in the care of dialysis patients.  Clinical Nephrology 59, 2003.

Malluche, H.H., Butros, R., Naqvi, S., Geng, Z., Mawad, H.W., Friedler, R., Fanti, P., Monier-Faugere, M.C.: Differencesin bone turnover and intact PTH levels between African-American and Caucasian patients with end-stage renal disease. Kidney International, in press.


Trueba, D., Sawaya, B.P., Mawad, H.W., Malluche, H.H.: 

Bone Biopsy: Indications, Technique and Complications.  Seminars in Nephrology, in press, 2003.

Malluche, H.H.,  Mawad, H.W., Koszewski, N.J.:  Update on Vitamin D and its newer analogues:  Actions and rationale for treatment in chronic renal failure.  Kidney International, 62:367-374, 2002.

Malluche, H.H.,  Mawad, H.W.:  Management of Hyperphosphatemia of Chronic Kidney Disease:  Lessons from the Past and Future Directions.  Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation,  17:1-6, 2002.

Monier-Faugere, M.C., Geng, Z., Mawad, H.W., Friedler, R.M., Gao, P., Cantor, T. L.,Malluche, H.H.: Improved Assessment of Bone Turnover by the PTH-(1-84)/Large C-PTH Fragments Ratio in ESRD Patients.  Kidney International, 60:1460-1468, 2001.

Monier-Faugere, M.C., Mawad, H.W., Qi, Q., Friedler, R.M., Malluche, H.H.: High prevalence of low bone turnover and occurrence of osteomalacia after kidney transplantation. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 11:1093-1099, 2000.

Malluche, H.H., Mawad, H.W.: Beurteilung und Behandlung von Hyperphosphatämie bei Patienten mit chronischer Niereninsuffizienz. Nieren- und Hochdruckkrankheiten, 29:159-170, 2000.

Mawad, H.W., Sawaya, B.P., Sarin, R., Malluche, H.H.: Calcific uremic arteriolopathy in association with low turnover uremic bone disease. Clinical Nephrology, 52:267-277, 1999.  

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