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Center for Muscle Biology

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SLControl SLControl

SLControl is a computer program that helps perform sophisticated single muscle fiber experiments. It was developed by Ken Campbell The website has been visited 150,000 times and the software has been downloaded by users in at least 12 different countries.

CNF-Counter CNF-Counter

CNF-Counter is a computer program that is currently being developed by Ken Campbell to automatically count centrally nucleated fibers in cross-sectional images of stained muscles. Kevin Sonnemann (currently at the University of Minnesota) suggested the original idea..

DEngine DEngine

DEngine (which stands for Distributed computing ENGINE) is a collection of computer programs that allows multiple machines to work together (using 'spare' screen-saver processing power) to solve large-scale mathematical problems. The initial version of the software package was posted on the internet by Ken Campbell in 2007.

You can check what DEngine is currently working on here.

GelBandFitter GelBandFitter

GelBandFitter is a computer program that uses non-linear regression techniques to fit mathematical functions to densitometry profiles of protein gels. This allows for improved quantification of gels with partially overlapping and potentially asymmetric protein bands. The program was developed by Mihail Mitov, Marion Greaser (UW-Madison) and Ken Campbell and can also be used to analyze immunoblots with closely-spaced bands.

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