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Center for Muscle Biology

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Postnatal development of Extraocular Muscles

Single fiber isolated from mouse plantaris muscle and stained with DAPI to visualize individual nuclei for nuclear counts and calculation of myonuclear domain. Collaboration between Peterson, Dupont, and Esser labs.

(Click for larger version)
Postnatal development of Extraocular Muscles

Images collected by Carole Moncman showing postnatal development of extraocular muscles.

You can click on the logo at the top left of the image panel to view these pictures in full-screen mode. Green staining shows alpha-actinin. Red staining is nmMyHC IIB.

Multifil model

Multifil is a spatially-explicit stochastic model of a half-sarcomere. The underlying computer code is written in C++. These images were produced using Povray. Multifil is being developed by Ken Campbell.

Still (click for larger version)
Multifil model

Animated version
Animated Multifil Model

Myofibrillar Cross-sections

Many Center investigators use the facilities of the UK Medical Center Imaging Facility to take electron micrographs of samples of diseased and control muscle. This image was collected by Karyn Esser's laboratory.

(Click for larger version)
Electron micrograph of muscle cross-section
Permeabilized Fiber Apparatus

Schematic diagram showing apparatus for single fiber muscle mechanics experiments. One piece of software which is useful for this type of work is SLControl.

Still (click for larger version)
Single muscle fiber apparatus

Animated version
Animated version

Muscle Regeneration

Electron micrographs showing longitudinal sections of control mouse soleus muscle and mouse soleus muscle 1 week after an injection with snake venom. These images were collected by Jennifer Moylan.

(Click for larger version)
Micrographs of regenerating muscle
Oxidant Activity

Micrographs showing DCF fluorescence (a marker of oxidant activity) in murine hindlimb muscle. Oxidant activity is increased in stretched muscle (bottom panel). Images courtesy of the Reid Lab.

(Click for larger version)
Oxidant activity in murine muscle
Flexor Digitorum Brevis Fibers

Single murine FDB fibers isolated by the Esser Lab and imaged by Gregory Frolenkov

(Click for larger version)
Isolated FDB fibers
Kinesiological Analysis

Click on the still image on the left to view a movie in Quicktime format that illustrates kinesiological analysis conducted by Tim Uhl.

(Click to view movie)
Still of Kinesiology movie

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