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Center for Muscle Biology

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Single Fiber Function

The Single Fiber Function Core is co-directed by Ken Campbell and Karyn Esser. It is located on the 6th floor of the Medical Sciences Building and occupies approximately 750 square feet. The facility is currently staffed by Ben Lawson, a senior laboratory technician, who works full-time on 'core projects'.

You can check if core facilities may be available for your project by looking at the calendar. Please contact Ken Campbell or Ben Lawson if you are interested in using the core.




The Core has been established to help Center Members and other investigators to determine the functional properties of different types of skeletal and cardiac muscle cells. All of the experiments currently made in the Core are performed using chemically permeabilized preparations. Samples can be obtained from animal models or human biopsies and stored for several weeks at -20C before analysis.

The figure below shows a typical set of data records collected from a permeabilized rat soleus fiber immersed in solutions with different free Ca2+ concentrations. The table summarizes some of the parameters that can be measured from these records and some of the structural, posttranslational and isoform content changes that can alter them.

Mechanical records

Simplified interpretation of mechanical records

More Information

PowerPoint slides (5 MB) from a presentation describing the Core made by Ken Campbell at the UK Muscle Forum in April 2010.


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