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Center for Muscle Biology

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Musculoskeletal Laboratory

The Musculoskeletal Laboratory (MSL), directed by Dr. Timothy Uhl , PhD, PT, AT, is housed within Charles T. Wethington building and occupies approximately 1400 square-feet. This area provides a spacious workplace for scholarly research and hands-on instructional education.

The primary research focus includes the following areas:

  • Assessment of the sensorimotor system as it relates to musculoskeletal injuries
  • Evaluating the validity of clinical tests
  • Evaluating the outcomes of rehabilitation programs using clinical and biomechanical methodologies
  • Exercise intervention studies


Force Measurement Devices

Equipment Measurement
Neurocom Smart Balance Master: dual moveable force platform with moveable surround Postural stability under various conditions to test visual, vestibular, and somatorsensory systems
Neurocom long force platform Postural stability assessment during functional movements (squatting, stepping up, etc.)
Bertec force platform Ground reaction forces and center of pressure measures. This platform can be taken into the field to do measures and can integrated into motion capture systems.
AMTI hand transducer Portable force load cell that can be attached to the hand and integrated with the motion capture systems.
AMTI portable force plates (x4) Portable force plates interaced with laptop computers to measure balance.
Cybex Norm isokinetic dynamometer Torque dynamometer to measure strength and endurance of limb and trunk musculature.
BTE Primus dynamometer Measures peak power generated during functional tasks and work specific tasks (driving, turning a knob, etc.).
BTE Evaluator Force gauges and electronic goniometer that are inter-faced with a laptop computer to allow for measurement of muscle strength and joint mobility. This system is completely portable and can be used to evaluate strength and motion in the field or in a clinical setting.


Motion Analysis Devices

Equipment Measurement
MotionMonitor: Electromagnetic sensor system from Ascension Technology 3-D motion data with up to 8 segments of data. Can collect data synchronously with EMG and force records.
MotionMonitor: Reflective video motion system with 4 digital Eagle cameras 3-D motion data with total body motion capabilities Can collect data synchronously with EMG and Force data.
Dartfish: Video motion analysis 2-D motion analysis of human motion.
Penny and Giles dual axis goniometers (x2) 2-D motion analysis of a hinge joint.
Photo cells (x7) Detect time of movement.



Equipment Measurement
Myopac EMG system with Datapac software Data analysis of muscular activity and other analog data.


Ligament Testing

Equipment Measurement
Ankle Arthrometer Measures ankle ligament laxity in multiple planes.



Equipment Measurement
Treadmill Electrical treadmill allowing for speeds up to 10 mph.
Monark Ergometer Stationary bicycle.
Biodex Unweighting System Apparatus that can be used in association with a treadmill to allow for ambulation while minimizing loads on lower extremity due to trunk support system.
Arm and Leg Ergometer Low impact cardiovascular device to facilitate both arm and leg motion to increase cardiovascular endurance.


Strength Training

Equipment Measurement
Keiser Knee Extension,
Leg Press,
Shoulder Press,
Arm Curl
Air powered resistance equipment that set resistance and measures maximal power output and number of repetitions.

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