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Center for Muscle Biology

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Updated September 12, 2008

Welcome to the Adult Skeletal Muscle Symposium:
Clinical Problems, Molecular Targets

Lexington, Kentucky: October 30-31, 2008

This symposium was organized with the following goal: To increase interactions and discussions on the topic of adult skeletal muscle research and its role in health and disease. Skeletal muscle is an organ system that contributes significantly to disease prevention, mortality and quality of life. However, unlike other tissues like heart or bone, there are very few disease markers or clinical diagnostic tests available to set guidelines for health or disease. We view this symposium as a step toward defining the critical gaps in knowledge across the basic, applied and clinical fields of skeletal muscle biology. Toward that end, we look forward to the discussions and hope they provide insight for new lines of research. In addition, we would like to see this symposium, under a general heading such as adult skeletal muscle health, become a regularly occurring event.

Dr. Karyn Esser, University of Kentucky
Dr. Susan Kandarian, Boston University

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