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Medical Laboratory Science


The MLT to MLS track (bridge) is an online program only available to those who have an associate degree from a medical laboratory technician (MLT) program.

Prerequisite Courses

Students must satisfy the University of Kentucky general education core courses and the MLS program pre-requisite courses before beginning the MLT to MLS track. These core courses and program pre-requisite courses can be taken at a local higher educational institution and transferred into UK. For advisement on what courses you need or what courses are acceptable, consult our academic advisor Corrie Scott at The following courses are MLS program pre-requisite courses for the MLT to MLS track:

  •         1 semester of general biology with laboratory
  •         2 semesters of general chemistry with laboratory
  •         1 semester of organic chemistry with laboratory
  •         1 semester of statistical methods
  •         1 semester of human physiology (or combined course in physiology and anatomy)


The program strongly encourages students to follow the full-time student curriculum (16 months) as laid out below however a part-time option (28 months) with set curriculum is available.

Year 1 - Fall

MLS 410

Medical Laboratory Biochemistry

3 cr hr

MLS 420

Immunology & Serology

3 cr hr

MLS 460

Clinical Hematology

3 cr hr

MLS 461

Clinical Microbiology

3 cr hr



12 cr hr


Year 1 -Spring

MLS 430

Clinical Mycology, Parasitology & Virology

3 cr hr

MLS 462

Clinical Chemistry

3 cr hr

MLS 463


3 cr hr

MLS 464

Body Fluids & Hemostasis

2 cr hr



11 cr hr


Year 1 –Summer I

MLS 440

Molecular Techniques

3 cr hr



3 cr hr


Year 1 –Summer II

MLS 450

MLS Education & Management

3 cr hr

MLS 462

Clinical Hematology Practicum

2-4 cr hr



5-7 cr hr


Year 2 - Fall

MLS 470

Clinical Correlations

3 cr hr

MLS 481

Clinical Microbiology Practicum

2-4 cr hr

MLS 463

Clinical Chemistry Practicum

2-4 cr hr

MLS 464

Immunohematology Practicum

2-4 cr hr



9-15 cr hr


Admission requirements

1.     Students must achieve an overall (cumulative) GPA of 2.5 and successfully pass all program pre-requisite courses

2.     An associate degree from a MLT program

3.     Certification (BOC preferred) or documentation of 5 years of work experience in a MLT position within a multidisciplinary laboratory

4.     Current employment in a clinical laboratory – prefer laboratory that offers testing in all major disciplines.

Application Process - DEADLINE TO APPLY IS MAY 15

1.     Complete College of Health Sciences and MLT TO MLS online application.  (This is a two-part application.)  Access the application at

2.     Apply to UK if you are not a UK student. (Web link on application)

3.     Provide three recommendation forms. Your current direct supervisor MUST complete a recommendation form. The other two forms should be completed by professionals (additional laboratory administrator, pathologist, co-worker external to the laboratory, educator) who are familiar with your abilities. (You can access these forms from the online application.)

4.     Provide official transcripts from ALL colleges you have attended. The transcripts must have an official seal.

5.     Mail recommendation forms and transcripts to:

Office of Student Affairs

University of Kentucky

College of Health Sciences

UK Wethington Bldg., Rm. 111

900 South Limestone Street

Lexington, KY 40536-0200

6.     Documents that must be uploaded with application include:

a.     Please submit your resume/curriculum vitae. Your resume or curriculum vitae should include the following:

                                                    i.     Objective statement that addresses your interest in completing advanced degree and states your career goals

                                                   ii.     Include all higher education institutions attended and dates of graduation (completion)

                                                  iii.     Include all employment history within medical laboratory science field. Need start/end dates, role/position and description of duties

                                                 iv.     Include current place of employment and laboratory areas routinely assigned in

                                                   v.     Include phlebotomy experience

                                                 vi.     Indicate certifications.

b.     Submit proof of MLT/CLT program completion. This may include:

                                                    i.     Documentation of MLT/CLT certification

                                                   ii.     Letter from MLT/CLT program director

                                                  iii.     Copy of degree.




Contact us today:


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Medical Laboratory Science Program College of Health Sciences
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Click here to complete the application.

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Quick Info Sheet

Need a brief summary of the Medical Laboratory Science Program? Click here to view or print the Program Information Sheet (PDF).