College of Health Sciences

Medical Laboratory Science


Students begin their first year in the MLS program in August and graduate in December of their second year. The MLS program consists of 60 credit hours.

Year 1 – Fall

MLS 400Laboratory Techniques and Phlebotomy
MLS 410Medical Laboratory Biochemistry
MLS 420Clinical Immunology & Serology
MLS 460Clinical Hematology
MLS 465 Clinical Hematology Laboratory
MLS 461Clinical Microbiology
MLS 466Clinical Microbiology Laboratory

Year 1 – Spring

MLS 430Clinical Mycology, Parasitology and Virology
MLS 462Clinical Chemistry
MLS 467Clinical Chemistry Laboratory
MLS 463Immunohematology
MLS 468Immunohematology Laboratory
MLS 464Body Fluids & Hemostasis
MLS 469Body Fluids & Hemostasis Laboratory

Year 1 – Summer Session 1

MLS 440Molecular Techniques

Year 1 – Summer Session 2

MLS 450MLS Education & Management
MLS 480Clinical Hematology Practicum

Year 2 – Fall

MLS 470Clinical Correlations
MLS 481Clinical Microbiology Practicum
MLS 482Clinical Chemistry Practicum
MLS 483Immunohematology Practicum

Course descriptions can be found in the UK Bulletin.

Medical Laboratory Science Program
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