College of Health Sciences

Medical Laboratory Science

Admissions and Application

Prospective students must complete an application in order to be considered for admissions into the MLS program. The online application can be accessed via the link on the right.

Below are the admission requirements for entry into the MLS Program.

Prerequisite Courses

In addition to the University of Kentucky requirements, students seeking admission to the MLS program must complete the following pre-requisite or pre-professional courses. The following courses need to be completed before beginning the MLS program:

  • 1 semester of general biology with laboratory
  • 2 semesters of general chemistry with laboratory
  • 1 semester of organic chemistry with laboratory
  • 1 semester of general microbiology with laboratory
  • 1 semester of statistical methods
  • 1 semester of human physiology (or combined course in physiology and anatomy)

Academic Performance

The minimum GPA for entrance into the MLS program is a 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.

Application Process

  • Complete the online application for the Medical Laboratory Science Program (available via the link on the right)
  • Submit three recommendation forms (available via the link on the right) and provide official copies of all higher education transcripts
    • More information regarding the recommendation forms and transcripts is provided in the online application documents.

After the deadline for applying to the MLS program, application packets will be reviewed. Qualified applicants may participate in a brief interview by MLS faculty member(s).

Other Requirements

  • Completion of application to the University of Kentucky (if currently not a UK student)

Post-Admission Requirements

  • University of Kentucky Medical Center student immunization requirements
  • Health insurance
  • Background check
  • Training (HIPPA, safety, sexual harassment)
  • More details on post-admission requirements will be provided to students upon admittance into the MLS program.

Foreign Graduates 

If you are a foreign graduate, your first step is to submit all of your higher education transcripts to one of these three companies: World Education Services (WES), Education Credential Evaluators, Inc. (ECE) or Josef Silny & Associates for credential evaluation. This is usually a lengthy process which is why you need to submit these as soon as possible. Once your transcripts have been evaluated by one of the companies above, we can advise appropriately advise you for the Medical Laboratory Science Program. 



Medical Laboratory Science Program
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Quick Info Sheet

Need a brief summary of the Medical Laboratory Science Program? Click here to view or print the Program Information Sheet (PDF).