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Workshops Attract MDs from Around US

Dr. Roth instructs workshop

The Minimally Invasive Surgery Lab has provided the framework for a number of workshops that have drawn attendees from around the country. Attendees from as far as Connecticut and California have traveled to UK to learn about some of the latest techniques and materials from our minimally invasive surgeons.

For example, Dr. Scott Roth, the Director of Minimally Invasive Surgery and Associate Professor of Surgery, demonstrated techniques in hernia repair with mesh and absorbable tacks from the bioengineering company called Davol Inc. In the comfort of the luxurious MIS Lab conference room, situated on the ground floor of the Nursing Building, attendees viewed the operation and communicated with the surgeon in the operating room. The conference room is equipped with a high-tech Stryker communication system that ties the lab to Chandler Medical Center Operating Rooms 8, 9, and 10. There is an overhead camera that provides views of port placement and the OR configuration. There is also a camera that the surgeon uses to navigate around internal organs. The workshop attendees had the same view as the surgeon with this internal camera. There is two-way, audio-visual communication capability between the surgeon and workshop attendees through a fiber optic connection that runs between Chandler Medical Center and the Nursing Building. Therefore, questions could be asked and techniques could be articulated in real time. After the procedure was completed, the surgeon returned to the conference room to field more questions and conclude the workshop.

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