To login to the Net Learning student interface, click on the following link:  Net Learning

NetLearning is a system that allows UK Hospital employees the capability of completing certain learning modules on the computer and registering for certain classes offered by  Staff Education, or Nursing Staff Development, etc.  If you have questions about NetLearning, please visit our NetLearning FAQ first, and if you do not find your answer then please contact the Learning Center at 257-9226.

NetLearning requires your username and password to access your individualized classes and records.   Net Learning is a secure website.
Your Participant ID is your Person/UK Id number including the leading zeros. See the image below.

Net Learning requires a 9 digit Participant ID. If necessary, please add leading zeroes to your Person ID to make it 9 digits in length. Your password is a four-digit number composed of your birth month and your birth day. 

For example, in the example below, this user would use 000012345 to login. if the user was born on March 7, the password would be 0307. 

If you have trouble accessing the system, please contact The Learning Center at 257-9226.


You can print your transcript directly from NetLearning to provide you and your manager with appropriate documentation of completion of required programs and classes

Safety and Infection Control computer-based learning modules automatically are assigned to all Hospital staff.  Although you may not wish to use the NetLearning System to obtain the information, by automatically assigning these courses you will be able to see what information you must have documented in your personnel folder each year.

This system may be accessed from work or home as long as the following conditions are present:

  • Computer should be a Pentium 3, 400 mhz  or greater

  • Computer has 64 MG RAM or more and has Windows 98 or later

  • Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher is recommended, or Netscape 4.5 or higher

  • High security settings on your browser may prevent you from using it

  • You will have to enable Pop-ups from this site to get to the login screen

Upgrades periodically will occur which may cause the system to look different. Please follow on-screen instructions, or call The Learning Center at  257-9226 to request help.

If you are interested in NetLearning course development, please read our policy and contact The Learning Center at 257-9226.  The template for NetLearning CBLs is available to developers by clicking here:  NetLearning CBL Template 2003  or NetLearning CBL Template 2007


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