University of Kentucky Women's Health Registry
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Photo collage of a group of women from various age and ethnic backgrounds

Click here to listen to radio interviews with for Dr. Leslie Crofford and read published articles about the Registry and Center for the Advancement for Women's Health

Photo illustration of a physician recording background information on patient's healthMany important questions regarding women's health remain unanswered because women were historically excluded from most medical research studies. Researchers assumed women would react to a drug or treatment therapy the same way as men. However, as more women participate in medical research studies, researchers are discovering that women may have very different reactions than men to the same drugs and treatments. Women also may respond differently to stress and other environmental and cultural influences. We need more information to discover why. If we want to improve knowledge about women's health for ourselves, our daughters, our granddaughters, and many generations beyond, then we need to help medical researchers find the answers. To help women and medical professionals of Kentucky find out why diseases affect women differently than men, the Center for the Advancement of Women's Health has created the Kentucky Women's Health Registry.

Our goal is for all Kentucky women to fill out the Kentucky Women's Health Registry and Filling out the registry form is easy and confidential! Fill out the form in the privacy of your homeconsider volunteering for medical studies that will help us advance medical knowledge about women's health. Expanding our knowledge and understanding will lead to new discoveries about diseases, new treatments, and better overall health for ourselves and all the generations of women that come after us. Your participation is completely voluntary and you may ask to be removed from the Registry at any time.


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